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Week of November 14, 2003

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Rachel and Monica fight over who will receive the ugly painting from Phoebe’s apartment. Joey and Chandler go through a lit between their two careers, while Ross gets rejected by the grant committee (his girlfriend’s ex) as well as his girlfriend.

This week, Monica and Chandler “tidy up” for a home visit from the social worker who will decide whether or not they’re the right people to adopt a child. However, the social worker turns out to be one of the women Joey “didn’t call the next day.” When Joey stops by to visit, they first lie that he’s not their friend, then hide him in the attempt to make him leave without the social worker’s knowledge that he was there. When the trick doesn’t work and the woman catches him, Joey “cleverly” turns the situation around accusing her of not calling him. When the discussion is over, the social worker informs the Bings that they’ll make great parents, and takes her leave. At the end of the episode Monica answers a phone call through which she’s informed that they’ve been accepted as parents, and now only have to wait for the baby to come.

Rachel forbids Ross to take Emma to the park. She is then forced to tell him of an episode when she was four and got her hair caught in a swing. Ross convinces her to come with him an Emma, and while there, he gets kicked in the head by another kid on a swing. Rachel freaks out, and threatens to take Emma home, but Ross makes her confront the childhood fear by getting on the swing herself. In return, she insists he must confront his fear by holding a spider. In the end, both freak out, and that’s what we’re left with.

Phoebe and Mike plan their wedding. They realize that they’re going to spend a massive amount of money, and instead choose to give the money to a children’s charity, and get married at city hall. But after talking with Monica, Phoebe comes to a new revelation and decides that she wants all the perks of a gigantic wedding. The couple goes down to the children’s charity, and with much attitude from the man behind the counter, takes their money back. Later at the coffee house, Phoebe is rationalizing her decision by saying that she didn’t have much as a child, and so she deserves a big wedding, however realizes that she took money from children who are now what she used to be, and insists on returning the money. However, the snarky guy behind the counter is sick of her games and rejects the check. Mike and Phoebe leave with the intent of one day returning to make an even bigger donation.

Friends airs on Thursdays at 8:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary)

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Last week, Burton and Lill returned to their former tribes which later merged and, because Lillian betrayed her former Morgan tribe, voted out the former Morgan tribe’s leader, Andrew Savage.

This week Lillian celebrates the spirit of revival she feels with her new tribe while Ryan O ponders his fate, as he, next to the ousted Savage, is the strongest former Morgan member. On a fishing expedition, Ryan propositions Burton to join him (Ryan), Tijuana, Darrah, and “hopefully” Lill in getting rid of Rupert, Sandra, and Christa.

Upon returning from the aforementioned fishing trip, Burton presents an electric stingray to the tribe. Not too long after, Tijuana comments on the massive amount of food available to her since the merger.

The first individual reward challenge consisted of shooting marbles from a slingshot at targets (plates). Competing in groups of three, the first person to hit all three of their own targets and consequently light a fire at the top of their tower, moves on to the final group of three of which the winner receives a reward. So, the final three are Ryan O, Lill, and Rupert, of which the “mighty Blackbeard” (Rupert) is victorious. His reward is breakfast, which he can take for, or give to someone else. Since Burton gave Rupert immunity last week, Rupert returns the favor by giving him this week’s reward. AND, since Lill and Burton went head to head in this challenge (and because Burton can’t take Rupert) Burton chooses to take Lill with him to enjoy a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, sweet rolls, orange juice, and beautiful scenery. The two share the meal, as well as chatter, during which they agree to go to the end by getting Rupert off ASAP.

At camp, Sandra and Christa also contemplate getting rid of Rupert, likely because they know they can’t beat him, but conclude with the point that Rupert (and Burton) feed them.

The immunity challenge goes against what everyone desires. It’s an elimination game. Answering a question correctly gives each tribe member the chance to place a coconut into a tribemate’s holder. Five coconuts knocks them out. So, when it is down to Rupert and Christa, my hero prevails once more, and wins the sword. What’s funny is if everyone wanted so badly to get rid of Rupert, why hand him immunity?

Since none can follow through on their true desires, and honestly the only thing that would allow anyone besides Rupert to be the sole survivor, we watch five former Drake members along with Lill; vote off the former Morgan tribe’s only guy left, Ryan O.

Next week, Rupert has trouble sleeping, talks of strategy while gathering water, an anxious Lill, and the selfless giving of one tribe mate to another.

Survivor airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta time on Global (channel 7 in Calgary).

The Bachelor

Last week was the fantasy dates, and we said to bye to the overly mature and more than ready to bear children, Mary.

This week was totally inconsequential to the show. The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. If you watched it, like me, you wasted your time.

Next week is the FINALE! Bob takes Kelly-Jo and Estella home to meet HIS family, and then spends time veggin’ with both before he makes his final decisions. Then, does he propose? Does she say yes? Who gets the final rose? “Tune in next week for the two hour season finale of: The Bachelor.”

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays at 10:00pm Alberta Time on ABC

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