Students Invited to Join AU in Computer Conference

AU wants to talk to you. From November 28 to December 7, the university will be running an asynchronous computer conference which will take the form of an open meeting between the AU executive and AU students.

For the 10 days that the conference is open, students and AU execs will post messages back and forth on an electronic forum, in the form of an extended conversation, and all AU students are invited to participate. The session will include four concurrent discussions based on the four main topics of the AU Strategic University Plan [SUP]. The individual topics will include: Introduction; Meeting Learners’ Needs; Organization and People; Provincial, National, and International Positioning; and Fiscal Health.

A pdf document detailing the SUP can be found here:

Additional information, including Power Point slideshows, will be available shortly. Watch The Voice or the AUSU website for more information. The URL (web address) for the conference will be given out the day before the conference begins.