Primetime Update

Week of November 19, 2003
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Last week, Monica and Chandler were visited by a social worker, who happened to know Joey from a “past encounter,” Ross and Rachel faced their fears of spiders and swing sets, respectively, and Phoebe and Mike, made contemplated giving their wedding money to a children’s charity, but after they gave and took multiple times in the process, the charity finally refused their donation.

This week, it’s Thanksgiving (got to love how all the American shows air their Thanksgiving specials a month after Canada’s holiday – you’d think they’d consider showing them during both country’s holiday seasons). Every year, Monica makes the Turkey, but this year, she and Chandler want to relax. Except… Phoebe uses Monica’s obsession about competition to talk her into outdoing the dinner she made last year; and so she cooks.

However, the very people that talk Monica into making dinner make plans for the day, knowing full well they’ll be late. Phoebe and Rachel take baby Emma to a beauty pageant and, despite Rachel’s nervousness about the negative aspects of parading her child around, she wins. Ross and Joey go to a New York Rangers game, after Chandler rejects the third ticket because he knew they’d all end up being late. Instead, he helps Monica with dinner by making the cranberry sauce (which later becomes his obsession).

When the foursome (and Emma) arrive back from their outings an hour late, Monica locks them out of the apartment. Rachel unlocks the door with her old key but Monica has put the chain on, so the door only opens about half a foot. The four poke their heads through the opening and ask for forgiveness that is rejected, however, when three heads are withdrawn, Joey’s is stuck. Monica applies Turkey grease to set him free, but he’s really stuck. While Monica answers a phone call Chandler pulls the door open, breaking the chain, and Joey crashes into the table sending the food flying. When Monica returns, rather than being mad, she’s overjoyed to reveal that a Woman in Ohio selected Monica and Chandler to be the parents of her unborn baby!

Friends airs on Thursdays at 8:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary)

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Last week every single tribe member contemplated getting rid of Rupert, however they handed him immunity on a silver platter, and Ryan O was the one sacrificed.

This week, Rupert displays insomnia while he misses his wife. Jon talks of how Rupert and his trio are too high and mighty for his taste; and that their confidence is overshadowed by their ignorance that they’re not immune without immunity. Jon, Burton, and Lill (who’ve already decided to get rid of Rupert) approach Tijuana and Darrah with an offer to be part of the final five, and the girls are more than grateful to accept.

The reward challenge takes place on the ruins of an old ship, made into an obstacle course which includes a net climb, rope swing, and sail slide, with bells to ring after completing each task. The tribe was randomly broken into four pairs. In the first round, Burton/Lill beats Christa/Darrah, and then Rupert/Jon beats Tijuana/Sandra. The final round includes puzzle pieces to collect at every bell station, and final completion of the puzzle after using the key collected at the last bell to unlock a treasure chest (the base of the inset puzzle). The final round, Rupert/Jon vs. Burton/Lill, is run dead even until Burton and Lill insert their last piece and win reward of a fishing expedition on a luxurious catamaran, complete with pizza and beer. Lill keeps the reward for herself, however, when she has a chance to speak to Jon, she expresses her guilt for not giving the reward to Rupert, who would have caught more fish. Burton forfeits his prize to Jon.

On return from her reward, Lill is approached by Rupert who attempts to maintain her loyalty (which she already pledged to Burton and Jon). Rupert leaves feeling that Lill will remain on board with him, unsuspecting that she’s already jumped ship.

The immunity challenge is one of skill – it involves a blowgun and a large pie-type target sectioned by 8 colors designated for the individual castaways. Shooting one’s own color means that the tribe member can then attempt to shoot another color, and eventually “kill” the other tribe members. Each piece of the pie also has 3 divisions: 1X, 2X, and 3X. It would take 3 points to kill an enemy that hasn’t yet hit their own target, and 4 points to kill an enemy that has. Rupert immediately hits the targets he intends, which contrasted to Christa and T, who can’t event hit the board. However, Burton quickly shoots at Rupert, hitting the 3X mark, leaving him with only one life left, which is taken, accidentally, by Sandra. After Rupert takes his place among the dead, Burton proceeds to pick off everyone else, and win immunity.

At tribal council, Rupert is “stabbed in the back” by Lill, who along with Burton, Jon, Darrah, and Tijuana vote Rupert into the jury that will in turn decide their fate in the game. So five votes for Rupert, two for Darrah, and one for Jon. Funny, of three of the people Rupert was relying on for a possible 4-4 tie (Rupert vs. Darrah) one (Lill) stabbed him directly in the back, and one (Sandra) cast a wild vote for Jon.

Next week an argument makes enemies of two tribe mates, Christa is accused of tainting the food supply, a compassionate gesture is made at the reward challenge, and conspiracies and secret conversations spark the spirit of insecurity in EVERY castaway.

Survivor airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta time on Global (channel 7 in Calgary).


The two hour finale comes in two parts: visits by both Kelly-Jo and Estella to Bob’s family (Mom, Dad, Sister, Husband, and nephew), as well, each woman spends one evening with Bob, at the Bachelor pad, and then, what we’ve all been waiting for: The final rose ceremony.

During the first visit, with Estella, the couple has a picnic lunch on the lakeshore and discusses what’s to come. Estella expresses the anxiety she feels about meeting Bob’s family. He, however, is convinced the whole gang will love her. His fear: the decision he has yet to make. Estella comforts him by telling him to keep it simple, follow his heart.

The two then continue, by boat, to Bob’s lakeshore home where the family greets them excitedly. Throughout the night, all express the high feelings they have for the woman they just met, especially Bob’s mom, who walks and talks with Estella. Estella expresses a reciprocal love for Bob’s family, and says she wishes she didn’t have to leave. In response to Mom’s query as to whether she’s capable of loving Bob with all her heart and soul, Estella says she’s already started.

While Estella’s on this date in Long Lake, Michigan, Kelly Jo tries on rings in L.A.

On her own visit with Bob’s family, Kelly Jo meets Bob on the lakeshore for her picnic lunch, and the two talk of the similarity in energy between Bob’s family and Kelly-Jo’s. On their way across the lake to actually meet Bob’s family, the two take turns driving a jet ski. The powerful aspects of KJ’s personality are brought out when she flips him on his butt in the water.

On meeting the family, the couple quickly launches into a detailed account of their small history, complete with the courageous KJ planting a kiss on Bob during their first encounter. KJ blends into the family just as Estella had the day before. KJ and Bob’s dad go for a walk on the property, and many words are exchanged about the blending of both families.

After KJ leaves, everyone agrees that Bob has a hard choice to make. However, Nora seems to favor the comfort she felt with Estella over KJ’s exuberance. Throughout his contemplation Bob questions whether or not he’s even ready to make a commitment, saying he might need more time.

While KJ is on her visit with Bob’s family, Estella is in L.A. trying on rings.

Later, in Malibu, Estella meets Bob at the bachelor pad where the couple shares the chore of making pizza from scratch. While it’s sizzling in the oven, Estella, for the first time, uses the word “if” in regard to their future. When Bob makes the attempt to discuss the situation, Estella quickly expresses that she’d rather just have a good time with him, and they do. Later discussion involves Estella’s plea to Bob to give at least one of the ladies a try, instead of getting scared and walking away alone. She says she loves him, and that she only wants to be someone who’ll love her with their whole heart and soul. They agree that someday she’ll get that.

KJ’s date at “the pad” is one of grilling, talking of the wonders of love, and burning the steaks. In his attempt to save the meat, Bob knocks over his drink and sends the hibachi lid crashing to the ground. Since no one was hungry anyway, the two laugh, kiss, and talk. When asked if she’s frustrated by Bob’s inability to communicate his feelings to her, KJ says she can’t be, because she’s too comfortable with her own feelings.

Before the final ceremonies, Bob expresses the bitter-sweetness of the situation. First, he’s chosen a beautiful woman who he is optimistic about spending his life with, but in the back of his mind lingers the fact that he literally has to break up with a woman who’s done nothing but love him.

With that, Kelly Jo is first to arrive. Bob tells her that he appreciates the loving open arms she’s given to him, and says that she deserves at least that in return. He also says that he doesn’t know that they’re mean to be together. KJ is tough, she doesn’t cry, just pulls her hands away. She allows him to walk her to the limo, where she feels angry, shocked, and alone. Considering his final decision, she’s better off without the shlub.

When Estella arrives, it’s nothing but smiles from the sucker who fell for the good old “feel how fast my heart is beating,” trick. Bob says that Estella turned him from a cynic about the whole situation (funny, since this is the second time he’s gone through the process) with her personality. He gives her the ring he’s bought, but instead of a real proposal, like a real man would give, he says the ring is a symbol of hope for the future. He just wants to see what can happen. Again, what a shlub. The fairytale becomes complete with a kiss and a happy woman, who says she knew in her heart that they were meant to be together. I guess I’m the cynic now.

The finale aired on Wednesday, November 19th. On Thursday (at the same time Survivor is on) ABC aired an update show that I recorded, but due to not changing the time on my VCR since a few months ago (daylight savings time) it stopped recording an hour before I wanted it to. I’m not sad though, since I heard Bob and Estella are happy as hell together, which irks me real bad. I think I’m bitter because I wanted Bob for myself, and knowing that wasn’t possible, I was rooting for the girl most similar to me, Kelly Jo.

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays at 10:00pm Alberta Time on ABC

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