Sounding Off

Why did you chose AU?

Last week we asked, why you chose to study at AU? Here are the replies so far:

Excellent Reputation.

Fiona Ott

This morning my sisters that go to U of A and Grant MacEwan woke up. They showered, changed, ran around the house and looked for books. One started a car while one searched for her bus pass and the other bundled up for a 20 minute winter walk. All this so they could get to class on time.

I woke up, didn’t brush my hair, stayed in my pyjamas, made toast for the kids, and sat in front of the computer and still made it to class on time.

When my sisters got to class, they sat and took notes for the day, only stopping for lunch breaks and coffee. At around 4PM they went home exhausted and got ready to do it all again tomorrow.

When I got to class I sat for 20 minutes then got up and did dishes. Went back to work for an hour, and stopped to play with the kids. I worked for another hour and then decided to call it a day at around noon-ish.

When it really comes down to it, I can’t decide if I’m AU because of the convenience and flexibility or because I don’t like to brush my hair.

Stacey Steele

So how about you? Why did you choose to study the AU way? Send your comments to, and indicate if we can print your response.


AU wants to talk to you. From November 28 to December 7, the university is be running an asynchronous computer conference which will take the form of an open meeting between the AU executive and AU students.

For the 10 days that the conference is open, students and AU execs will post messages back and forth on an electronic forum, in the form of an extended conversation, and all AU students are invited to participate.

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