Praise for Nadine Bulous-Jarvis’ The Next Step

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[re: Nadine Bulous-Jarvis’ “The Next Step” – Dec 10, 2003 – v11 i50]

Wow! Loved the article. Been on both ends of that conversation – well, maybe not the part about stepping out on a partner, but definitely have had my heart broken and I have broken a few. It has been a long time since I have been through the break up of a relationship but I do remember how the time of the break up tends to become surreal and how eventually we do heal and can love again.

I also want to applaud The Voice for publishing the article at this time as holidays are one of the worst times to experience a relationship break up. Everyone is supposed to be having a great time, how then do the broken hearted cope with lost love and shattered dreams? Thanks to Nicole and you for reminding us, and I paraphrase, “the weeping lasts only for the night and in the morning there is great joy.”

Lance Bevan-Herringshaw