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A BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW – Sara Kinninmont investigates the dangers of buying in to prescription drug advertising:

WHEN YOU’VE SEEN BEYOND YOURSELF – Time is the measure of all things, and the Beatle’s opus, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, has weathered the years beautifully. Lonita Fraser looks back at how the Beatle’s challenged the music industry and society itself with their paradigm for change:

HERE’S THE THING – AN INTRODUCTION TO ME, MY CREATIVE GENIUS AND MY BISEXUALITY – New Voice contributor, Carole E. Trainor, reveals the unique pain that comes with clarity, and understanding, and society’s pervasive misunderstanding of what it is like to be gifted:

Welcome the new Voice advice columnist

This week, say hello to Dear Heather, the new Voice advice column. Feel free to write Heather with all of your questions about life, learning, love, or whatever else you need to know.

Council reporters wanted

The Voice needs reporters who are able to write clear, critical and balanced reviews of what goes on at AUSU council meetings. Meetings take place about once a month, and may be attended by teleconference from almost anywhere in the world. Inquire with the Voice editor at voice@ausu.org if you would like more information on this opportunity.

It’s time for you to Sound Off

I’ve foregone my editorial this week since you probably had enough of me in the letters column this week! Also, there have been suggestions that AUSU and The Voice are not telling you all that you need to know. The problem is, these statements have come largely from council itself! Surely it’s up to the students and readers to determine what they want to know and ask for it.

I’m really curious how students view their student council following the recent controversy.

Are you worried? Do you want to know more? Do you just wish people would shut up?

I want you to tell me how you feel about AUSU for a Sounding Off column to be run next week. This is your chance to say how you feel, and what you want from the council that you pay for.

I’ll even send a lovely ceramic Voice coffee mug to the first three respondents. How’s that for incentive? Contact voice@ausu.org with your reply or any questions. If you are too shy to appear in print, let me know anyway. Feel free, also, to comment on the recent Voice coverage of council events.

Tamra Ross Low – Editor in Chief