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ATHABASCA VIEWS – AU President Dominique Abrioux addresses students on the financial status of AU, and misleading information in the recent Alberta Views article on post secondary education in the province. AUSU exec members Shirley Barg and Debbie Jabbour also comment.

CALLING ALL ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE ENTHUSIASTS! – Katie Patrick reviews another new AU course, and provides information on the people behind the new offering.

YELLOW SUBMARINE – Following up on last week’s article, which examined the relevance of Sgt. Peppers, in the context of it’s time, and today, this week Lonita discusses the equally revolutionary film based on the album.

FROM MY PERSPECTIVE – Debbie Jabbour concludes her two part article on entering graduate studies, and provides invaluable advice for AU students interested in pursuing a graduate degree at AU.

You Sound Off

Last week I asked readers to sound off on recent controversies surrounding AUSU. Your answers are in this issue. I also have a fun assignment for next week.

Council reporters wanted

The Voice needs reporters who are able to write clear, critical and balanced reviews of what goes on at AUSU council meetings. Meetings take place about once a month, and may be attended by teleconference from almost anywhere in the world. Inquire with the Voice editor at voice@ausu.org if you would like more information on this opportunity.

Tutor Bios

I’ve been asked why I never run bios of AU tutors in The Voice. The reason is that AUSU already does these. Check out the AUSU tutor page at: http://www.ausu.org/tutor/index.php. A new tutor bio will be posted this week. If you know of a tutor you would like profiled, write Mac McInnis at mmcinnis@athbascau.ca.

Student Bios

Student bios are another issue. We do run those, and love to get them! If you are an AU student, willing to be profiled in The Voice, contact me at voice@ausu.org.

Tamra Ross Low – Editor in Chief

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