Primetime Update

Week of January 23

Missed your favourite shows? No problem. Primetime update gives you the rundown.


Another rerun:apparently this week we’ve got a whole hour of fun though.

Friends airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary)

Survivor – ALL STARS

Not even a week left guys:right after the Super bowl. Don’t miss it or you’ll miss out on some hefty comments.

Survivor will air on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary) THE SEASON PREMIERE WILL BE ON SUNDAY, FEB. 1, 2004, IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE SUPERBOWL.

The Bachelorette

Last week, we got reacquainted with Meredith Philips, we met 25 guys, and I introduced you to the 15 who stayed.

This week those 15 men move into the house, and no time is spared as we meet Jeff in the living room where the dating situation is explained. This week, there will be two group dates and one individual date given to the guy who (last week) received the white rose (Rick).

The first video invitation is given and Marcus, Brad, Matt, Chad, Ryan M, Sean and Harold will hit the dirt with Meredith. More specifically, a limo takes them to a helicopter which flies them to Coyote dry lake where they spend time on ATVs and in a huge motor home.

On little bits and pieces of alone time we learn that Ryan M seems really serious about Meredith already and has the audacity to share this with the rest of the guys. We also see Meredith get completely freaked out by Harold, who can’t stop talking about babies.

The 2nd date is the individual one with Rick entailing an evening alone at Beverly Hills mansion. Meredith tells us she chose Rick for the one-on-one because she felt a little spark with him. After a nit-picking Rick peels the basil off his chicken, Meredith kicks his butt at bowling, and according to the wager since she won, she can kick him off (which I doubt she’ll do).

Rick gets the first kiss in the limo, and we see all the other guys sneaking a peak out of the front windows of the house.

The third video invitation comes and Todd, Ian, Lanny, Robert, Ryan R, Elliot, and Damon get to go on a Rodeo Date complete with horse-back riding on a ranch. However, Meredith is not comfortable around horses and immediately has a panic attack. After coming to grips, the competition for one on one time begins with a bunch of cows. Whoever herds the white one the fastest gets the one on one with Meredith. Todd wins one-on-one time and claims that his shirt (which is black with pinkish-red flowers on it) was the reason he won, likely because the cow was scared of him.

During the groups’ bonfire and music time (hehehe) Lanny requests some alone time. The two sit on the straw in a horses stall with a blanket to share. Cute.

Before the rose ceremony, Meredith tells viewers that her expectations are exceeded. She does cut the list down to 10 though, and here’s who’s left:

Rick, Todd, Chad, Brad, Sean, Lanny, Ryan R, Matt, Ian, Ryan M

Was it just me that thought that Marcus was going to explode? Some guys just can’t handle rejection, even after only one date. As always, cheesy bummed out music plays as the losers leave the stage

Next Week: Compatibility tests, guys frustrations’ explode, and is rejection is too much for one guy to handle?

The Bachelorette airs on Wednesdays at 10:00pm Alberta Time

The Apprentice

Last week, there were two episodes, and in both the girls won a competition. Dr. David was the first to be fired, followed by Jason, who erred in making a decision not to talk to the boss before starting a new project. Both times, Sam went with the guys to the boardroom, where he was criticized by all.

This week, Sam and Nick return to the suite after Jason is fired, were Sam refuses to leave the doorway until someone comes to greet him. In the midst of his pouting and demanding egotism, his team decides to let Sam lead the next project (in hopes that he will fail and be fired).

On the other side of the coin, the women try to solve the ongoing Omarosa problem. However, when they confront the mouthy black chick about the situation she leaves, and the other girls go ahead and criticize her.

Meanwhile, Trump’s office calls, and the teams must be ready to go to Westchester airport at 8am. The new task involves negotiation. Both teams receive a list of items to negotiate for the lowest possible price. The team that saves the most (off the retail price) wins.

Items include: a gold bar, a golf club, 5lbs of squid, cigars, an instant camera, and a leg wax (one member, both legs).

On the guys’ side, Sam is the project manager who designates an office team and a field team. Sam sends the field team uptown to make an immediate gold bar purchase on the assumption that gold will be more expensive in the afternoon, however Sam refuses to give field team the phone number for the gold bar place.

HIGHLIGHT: Trump comes to see Sam, and suggests that “maybe the team made you team leader to get rid of you?” Later in the challenge, Sam gives the field team a phone number for a golf store that doesn’t even sell golf clubs.

On the girls’ side, Jessie is the project manager. She divides group into two teams in an attempt to minimize the Omarosa conflict. However, the talents that the girls use are minimal, and their most successful tactic is flirting with the guy at the jewelry place.

Total retail 1379.33
Girls – saved 22%
Guys – saved 9%

In response to the results Trump announces that “[he] may never hire another man again.” As the girls score another win, Trump treats them to dinner at 21 club (at the Fred Trump table).

The guys go to the boardroom for their third loss where we learn that Sam hasn’t earned the respect of his team-mates, particularly Bowie and Kwame.

In return for their criticism, Sam holds Bowie and Kwame partially responsible for the team’s loss and the three of them face off against Donald Trump. It is announced that Sam has proven to be as unsuccessful as a leader as he is as a follower, and he is fired.

The highlights for next week include a party for Sam’s dismissal, the men turn to deception to try and win their challenge, and the women know that sex sells:but if they win the battle, will they lose the war?

The Apprentice airs on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 pm Alberta Time
However, this week (Jan. 29th) it’s on Thursday night.

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