The Indicators – Registrations in retrospect – Contributed by AU’s The Insider

The Indicators – Registrations in retrospect – Contributed by AU’s The Insider

“We should be pleased with the current individualized study registration levels for January 2004,” writes Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd, Executive Director of External Relations, “which suggest a 10.7 per cent growth year-on-year in line with our targets. Though we do remain concerned that we are not meeting all of our access targets, and that graduate registration (where we seek a seven per cent growth year-on-year) is slightly below target, with less than expected registrations in the MBA and the MDE – so we still have work to do.

“We should not be complacent, however, since the market for courses is becoming more competitive and student expectations for service remain high.

“One good trend is the growth of group study registrations – not fully reflected in the report, but known to be strong. We have recently been looking at the contribution these registrations make to our revenue and have found that it is significant – it takes approximately two group study students to equal one individualized study student in terms of revenue contribution, though this varies significantly by collaborating partner.

“Our international registrations for undergraduate courses are down this year – its now around three per cent of registrations.

“In short – it looks basically good, but challenges us to focus our energies where we know we have to grow our student base more.

The following chart compares total registration numbers from April, 2003 to January, 2004 with figures from 2002/2003. Look for more on performance indicators in future issues of Insider.

This report compares recorded registrations for April 2002 to January 2003 and April 2003 to January 2004. Please note that not all January seminar supported registrations have been processed.

For the purpose of this report, undergraduate 6-credit courses are double counted and graduate registrations are pro-rated up to 3-credit undergraduate course equivalents (MDE and Nursing Graduate Programs @ 1.67, the MAIS and MSc CS @ 1.82 and the MBA @1.25). These figures are for internal tracking purposes only and should not be counted as official FTE’s.