Primetime Update

Week of January 30

Missed your favourite shows? No problem. Primetime update gives you the rundown.


“The one Where the Stripper Cries,” will be on February 5th. (Before Survivor?)

Friends airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary)

Survivor – ALL STARS

Eighteen survivors, 3 teams of 6. The All Stars receive a top security escort to the island to ensure secrecy. The only information they have is the tribemates that surround them. They don’t know who’s on the other teams, or that a third team exists. Each team is given one machete and one pot/bucket for boiling water, as well as a map to the water hole, but nothing else. We’ll look at the episode first on a team-by-team basis, then as a whole when they see each other for the first time.

Mogo Mogo
This tribe consists of:

Colby Donaldson – 29 years old, 2nd place in Australian Outback
Jenna Morasca – 22 years old, SOLE SURVIVOR of Amazon
Lex Van Den Berghe – 40 years old, 3rd place in Africa
Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien – 50 years old, 3rd place in Marquesas
Richard Hatch – 42 years old, SOLE SURVIVOR of Pulau Tiga (big naked gay guy)
Shii Ann Huang – 30 years old, 10th place in Thailand

Right from the start, communication within Mogo Mogo goes well. As all the girls know, Colby is still the hottest survivor ever. However, within the tribe a line is quickly drawn between the guys and girls; with the exception of Richard, who lets everything slide off his back. Finally in an attempt to actually survive on the island, Lex reminds everyone that there’ll be lots of time to strategize later, right now they need to work on the shelter and the fire. The highlight of the scenes from Mogo Mogo is Richard’s initial dip in the water, BUCK NAKED. And speaking a little more on Richard, he announces that he thinks he could start the fire without even blinking. This allows him to come off as cocky and arrogant. Richard’s plan is to put too much effort into doing nothing. It’s no wonder everyone wants to dethrone the king.

This tribe consists of:

Ethan Zohn – 30 years old, SOLE SURVIVOR of Africa (soccer player)
Jenna Lewis – 26 years old, 8th place in Pulau Tiga (2nd Juror)
Jerri Manthey – 33 years old, 8th place in Australian Outback (2nd Juror)
Rudy Boesch – 76 years old, 3rd place in Pulau Tiga (retired navy man)
Rupert Boneham – 40 years old, 8th place in Pearl Islands (2nd Juror)
Tina Wesson – 42 years old, SOLE SURVIVOR of Australian Outback
Within Saboga, there is a three way split between the alliances. Tina and Ethan team up together (the two previous winners on the tribe), Jerri and Jenna (the two young girls), leaving Rudy and Rupert (my two favorites) to form a pact to depend on each other. Exciting events at Saboga’s camp include only the finding of a banana tree and Rudy’s attempt to drink the contaminated well water with his claim that “I drank dirtier stuff than that.” Hey, the guy was in Vietnam:I believe him. Also, Jerri tells the camera that her new strategy is to “keep my damn mouth shut.”

This tribe consists of:

Alicia Calaway – 35 years old, 9th place in Australian Outback (1st Juror)
Amber Brkich – 25 years old, 6th place in Australian Outback (4th Juror)
Rob Cesternino – 25 years old, 3rd place in Amazon
Rob Mariano – 28 years old, 10th place in Marquesas
Susan Hawk – 42 years old, 4th place in Pulau Tiga (Big Mouth)
Tom Buchanan – 48 years old, 4th place in Africa (Pig farmer)

Chapera immediately finds their water hole, but also can’t drink because it’s contaminated. If they had fire they could use their pot to boil the water:but: Intent on building a good shelter Rob M climbs up a palm tree to hack off palm boughs. Simple Tom’s comment is that there are too many ideas between them. After spending his first night without any sleep, Rob worries about the comfort of the shelter and refuses to concentrate on the fire until he knows that he’ll sleep well on the next night. Rob’s perseverance, however, leads to a confrontation with Alicia (who is concerned about the 6 thirsty people) and sparks begin to fly. Rob goes on to form an alliance with Amber. The only reason he gives for this is because she’s beautiful. And then there was Sue. Wonderful Sue, the truck driver from Season One goes ahead and drinks the well water before fire can be attained to boil it. And, the mouthy chick has the nerve to say “I was in Canada for a while, and I drank the water right out of the lakes.” As if Canadian water could hurt someone. Rob, however, gets mad that Sue might check out and leave the tribe hanging.

The whole picture:

So, to sum up, none of the teams can get fire and therefore none of the teams have water:

At the Challenge (face the man of flame) Chapera enters, and is first introduced to Mogo Mogo. But All Stars would be right with only 12 competitors, so Saboga enters. Colby’s face drops right off when he sees Jerri (whom he detested). AND, everyone is happy to see Rupert. Now we know the game is on.

In that challenge, all tribe members start on floating platforms, dive underwater to unhook a raft with fire on it, make their way to shore with the raft, lighting two more fires on their way. On land, they light a third fire and then drag their raft under a bamboo tunnel. They must light the last fire and cross the line to win. Two teams win immunity (the idol has two pieces); the third team goes to tribal council.

Hatch gets naked. Who would’ve guessed it?

From the start Saboga is way behind, likely because Jenna sits on the raft instead of helping to push. Mogo Mogo is the first to shore, then Chapera. But Chapera pulls up to be the first to cross the finish line followed by Mogo Mogo. Saboga completes the challenge, but last. As a mini reward for finishing first, Chapera lights the man of fire.

However, as the challenge was for immunity, the teams still have no fire.

As Saboga will go to tribal council, the rest of the episode focuses on them. Jerri and Jenna try to talk Rupert into getting rid of the two previous winners (Tina and Ethan) and Jenna tells Ethan that she wants him gone because he’s already won once. Tina and Ethan stick together and try to get Rupert to get rid of Jenna and Jerri by making promises on their previous displays of honor and respectability. The argument is that Jerri and Jenna don’t play like Rupert does and therefore he cannot trust them. The votes are divided two to two, with the unknown votes of the Rupert/Rudy alliance used as a swing.

At Tribal Council it’s pouring rain. Jenna and Jerri collect water in hands/buffs. The conversation sits on Jenna’s comment that she would never vote for a previous winner to win the money. Therefore the winners are a target because people think it’s payback time.

Ethan and Tina vote for Jenna to go, everyone else votes for Tina. Thus, Tina, the 42-year-old winner of Survivor: Australian Outback, goes home.

The tribe looks forward to using their torches to start a big fire and boil water, but they’re informed that the tribe’s torches will remain at tribal council until they’ve made fire on their own.

Next week: No food, No water, and tongues turn white. The challenges are so tough, even the best of the best are breaking down. Rupert says, “It’s killing me to be here.”

Survivor will air on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary) THE SEASON PREMIERE WILL BE ON SUNDAY, FEB. 1, 2004, IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE SUPERBOWL.

The Bachelorette

Last week we went ATV-ing, horseback riding, and spent a miraculous evening in a Beverly Hills’ Mansion.

This week we suffer the results of a Compatibility Test, which decides which men will go on each of the three available dates. The first is a one on one. The most compatible guy for Meredith is Ian who joins Meredith in Chinatown, LA. They share a Parade and then a Rickshaw to the restaurant. Ian tells Meredith that he wouldn’t propose at the end of the show because that’s not who he is. She seems upset that he’s not quite ready for marriage. Later, it is revealed that Ian’s mom passed away when he was three. Meredith relives the sorrow of her grandmother’s passing (from last season) and I am disgusted once again by the pity party. The couple snuggles and kisses on a street bench until it’s time to part.

The second date is with two guys – Todd and Ryan M. The threesome rides the rail to animal kingdom (Santa Barbara Zoo). On the train there is odd talk about “If you were a food:” Meredith calls Ryan a turkey sandwiche and Todd calls Meredith a s’more (graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow). Ryan M talks too much; just want him to shut up. He goes on and on about something called synergy: Maybe he has ADD: Grow up!

The trio shares dinner by the giraffes and Meredith asks about other guys in the house. They talk about Rick, or more specifically, Ryan M tells Meredith that Rick called the situation a game.

The third date (with the remaining 7 guys) involves playing some ice hockey then watching a live game. First though, whoever scores the most goals on a professional goalie gets one on one time with the Bachelorette. Lanny, who has never hit a puck before, wins the one on one time. But later, Matthew asks for some one on one time. It is granted and Meredith tells him she thinks he’s great and they kiss.

At the rose ceremony Meredith expresses that it’s a little early to be making her decision, however, Chris makes her go to the deliberation room anyway. She says that there are six guys she’s sure about: but she’s not sure about Lanny and Todd. As she is only supposed to keep 6 guys at this point, she requests a 7th rose. In the end, she keeps Ian, Sean (ugly guy in the brown suit), Chad, Ryan M (seriously, the mouth on this guy should be sealed forever), Brad, Matt, and Lanny.

The Same cheesy music plays as we say goodbye. But wait, Ryan R doesn’t want to go. When he leaves he begins to swear, throws things, and gets mad at the cameras. This jerk physically pushes other guys away; Meredith rolls her eyes when he walks away. This guy is on a serious ego trip – grow up.

Next week: Kelly Jo (from last season) moves in and some of the guys don’t like it. Then, there are 3 fantasy dates and only 4 guys left.

The Bachelorette airs on Wednesdays at 10:00pm Alberta Time

The Apprentice

Last week, Trump threatened never to hire another man again. Sam was fired for being a little moron (and he looks like a weasel).

This week, we start with a celebration for Sam’s dismissal, however Nick promises that he will gain Sam’s vengeance. A phone call comes, and teams meet Trump at Time Square. The next challenge: Each team will manage Planet Hollywood for one shift; the women get the first evening, the men the second evening. The winning team goes to Trump National Golf Club.

On the guys’ side, Kwame is team leader. Nick nominated him because 2 out of the last 3 team leaders have been fired. While the girls have their crack at the game, the Guys work out. They play some basketball, do some team bonding, and play Donald Trump, The Game.

On the girls’ side, Katrina is project manager. Her first matter of business is becoming worried about liquor sales, which apparently, are a big part of restaurant business. Their major promotion is the “Planet Hollywood shooter girls.” They’ll “escort you to the top” (of the building). Their motto: Sex does sell.

As always, the night starts with a tiff between Jessie and Katrina over table placement. And then we find out that Heidi (who is really ugly by the way) is the all-star queen of selling shots. However, the REAL Manager at Planet Hollywood gets upset that the girls are drinking with the customers.

So, the next evening it’s the guys’ turn. They immediately offer sales incentive to staff (100 bucks an hour to the person who sells the most), which is well received by Trump’s spies. But later, Troy tries to sell alcohol outside the restaurant and gets laughed off the street. Even more hilarious is the guy’s ploy to get people buying merchandise. Buy a ball and get an autograph from Kwame Jackson. Nick and Bill are disgusted that Troy and Kwame are leading people (kids too) to believe that he’s some really important person. People actually think Kwame is some kind of sports god.

On the inside of the restaurant Bill looked like the project manager, not Kwame. He got lots of neat projects going, like desert trays:etc.

The overall sales were as follows:
Men – $14,069.00 – 6.8% increase from last years’ sales
Women – $16,537.00 – 31.3% increase from last years’ sales

But the women aren’t off the hook. At golf; they get a warning from Trump that their reliance on sexuality is almost crossing the line.

In the boardroom, the team criticizes Nick for not remaining upbeat when he was upset about the misleading nature of Kwame’s autograph session. Nick criticizes Kwame’s and Troy’s misleading tactics of selling balls and autographs.

Kwame holds Nick and Bowie partially responsible.
Trump’s comments:
Kwame did a lousy job in leading; however he has a lot of potential.
Bowie failed miserably in merchandising.
Nick gave up on his team; Trump wants to see him lead next week.

Bowie is fired. Didn’t present himself very well.

Next Week: After another humiliating week for the men, the teams are shuffled. Serious betrayal, and someone is fired.

The Apprentice airs on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 pm Alberta Time
However, this week (Jan. 29th) it’s on Thursday night.

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