Sounding Off

Here are more responses to the questions: Which commercials anger you the most? and Which AU course is the toughest?

It’s not the content, usually, it’s the constant repetition that drives me bonkers. Case in point – the current Wonder Bread spot where the kid is reading ingredients from the bread and the mother is making up answers from thin air. (Niacin? It makes you nicer…)

It was cute the first couple of times I saw it, but I’ve been saturated. I watch a morning news show from 6:30 till 7:10 every weekday morning, and I see this thing at least 4 times! ENOUGH ALREADY!

On the local TV news, we have a car dealer who pays for 8, yes eight, 30 second spots in a one hour show. EVERY ONE THE SAME COMMERCIAL!

The list of examples is endless. It’s just as bad on the radio, if not worse.

So here’s today’s quiz for the marketing folk in the audience – if you advertise aggressively enough that your potential (or even current!) customers become so annoyed that they decide not to buy your product, was the campaign a success? Take your time – I’ll just repeat the question every 7 minutes until you answer.

Andrew Bell
Peterborough, Ontario

TV ads…ohhhh man I have to agree with you Tamra, those Swiffer commercials are awful! Have you seen the grinning woman on a swing who flings her hair around talking about how some guy named Bobby, in her childhood, wouldn’t give her the time of day? Now …all because she uses the right hair color…she’s pleased to grin at me, swing her hair and say she doesn’t care. ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! This is nonsense. I’m SO annoyed when women trained in the overuse of diction for TV ads are prepared to sell me on the concept that a hair color will transform me into a raving beauty that no man can resist! Look, ladies, I’m happily married and if he has a problem with a grey hair showing….let him deal with his balding head first! And I wouldn’t intentionally look for any of the chumps I thought were cool when I was a kid…I’ve no doubt they’re fat, married, and wrinkly now!

I also want to point to the Anatomy and Physiology course Biology 230… excuse me does anyone READ these textbooks before they hand them out? Unfinished sentences…dreadful English usage and blithering jargon throughout! I am SOOOO sorry I signed up for this course. I am LITERALLY praying nightly to want to do this course… and I’m sorry, it’s not working.

I have had to buy other textbooks that speak plain English and explain to me what the course text isn’t. I have heard from another student of this course… she used flashcards as well as other books to get through. I’m apparently not alone!

–Laura Seymour
(Craniosacral Therapist and Traditional Usui Reiki Master)

Which AU course do you think is the toughest, and why?
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