Sounding Off

Here are more responses to the questions: Which commercials anger you the most? and Which AU course is the toughest?

Dear Tamra,

I’m happy that you posed this question. The difficult courses for me have been the ones where exciting and fascinating topics are deflated into bottomless pits of excruciating boredom. Take ANTH 310 – Primate Behaviour. Overall, the course was alright and the assignments not too difficult. But the reading file was complicated and stuffed with scientific jargon. There were pages and pages of blathering mumbo-jumbo about optimal foraging theory. A National Geographic video would have been a nice alternative. The authors took a beautiful topic like bonobo behaviour and turned it into some wordy, mathematical monstrosity. This may be why Jane Goodall was famous as an expert well before she got her Ph.D. Her informative work has got clarity. But some folks take a hundred confusing words to say something that could be better said in half or less.

Nimra Ahmed

I can’t stand the public service spot where the father keels over and dies while “Moon River” plays in the background. As the poor guy is getting shocked, the pithy voice-over says “Avoid hurting the ones you love.” So not only are you going to die someday (unavoidable), but you have to feel guilty about it, too. This commercial cheapens a great old song to boot.

On the other hand, some commercials are unintentionally funny. Who has seen the ad where dad (a large, average-looking middle aged guy) buys an air hockey game for his kids and wife (who looks like a fashion model). Who cast that one?

Calum Fletcher

Now it’s your turn. Which AU course do you think is the toughest, and why? Also, tell us which course you wish AU would offer. As Voice editor, I think my response is obvious to the readers. We need a journalism course or two!

Write with your replies.

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