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This week, the first three interviews with candidates for the next AUSU council! Watch for more in the next two issues:.

Where you live:

AU students are situated all around the world, and on every continent [well, probably not Antarctica, but you never know!]. A reader suggested that it would be interesting to receive articles from AU students about the place where they live – sort of a city profile. If any reader wants to send in a brief article about their home town, city, or country, contact voice@ausu.org for details.

Council reporters wanted

The Voice needs reporters who are able to write clear, critical and balanced reviews of what goes on at AUSU council meetings. Meetings take place about once a month, and may be attended by teleconference from almost anywhere in the world. Inquire with the Voice editor at voice@ausu.org if you would like more information on this opportunity. Did I mention we pay?