Comment on Shannon Maguire’s article this week [v12 i08]

Comment on Shannon Maguire’s article this week [v12 i08]

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My husband is a quadriplegic and has attempted to get into better shape to be able to participate in more of life’s offerings. Unfortunately we’ve encountered an extreme attitude from local University of Calgary workout officials.1) they will not answer our medical specialist’s multiple requests for more information on their program. 2) they have all those who are physically challenged sign a waiver stating that “even if they are negligent” you will not sue them! and 3) the price to work out at their facility is likely to be out of most disabled persons reach…it certainly is out of OUR financial reach! Together it makes becoming a paralympian all the more difficult.

Laura Seymour

Ed. Clearly acceptance of the disabled varies from institution to institution and it is worthwhile to investigate multiple sources of support. Unfortunately, for able-bodied and disabled alike, the price of pursuing amateur sport’s excellence is often prohibitive. Support amateur sports!

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