Primetime Update

Week of March 26, 2004

Missed your favourite shows? No problem. Primetime update gives you the rundown.


No new episode this week.

Friends airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary)
The last episode of Friends, ever, will air on May 6th.

Survivor – ALL STARS

It was a clip show this week:not worth anyone’s time (unless you missed the first eight episodes).


Alicia Calaway – 35 years old, 9th place in Australian Outback (1st Juror)
Amber Brkich – 25 years old, 6th place in Australian Outback (4th Juror)
Rob Mariano – 28 years old, 10th place in Marquesas (Boston Rob)
Tom Buchanan – 48 years old, 4th place in Africa (Pig farmer)
Rupert Boneham – 40 years old, 8th place in Pearl Islands (2nd Juror)
Jenna Lewis – 26 years old, 8th place in Pulau Tiga (2nd Juror)

Jerri Manthey 33, 8th place, Australian Outback (2nd Juror)
Lex Van Den Berghe – 40 years old, 3rd place in Africa
Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien – 50 years old, 3rd place in Marquesas
Shii Ann Huang – 30 years old, 10th place in Thailand

Mogo-Mogo – Ethan Zohn – 30, SOLE SURVIVOR Africa (soccer player) – GONE 8TH
Mogo-Mogo – Colby Donaldson – 29, 2nd place, Australian Outback – GONE 7TH
Chapera Susan Hawk – 42, 4th place, Pulau Tiga (Big Mouth) – GONE 6TH, (took herself out)
Mogo-Mogo Richard Hatch – 42, SOLE SURVIVOR, Pulau Tiga (big naked gay guy) – GONE 5TH
Chapera Rob Cesternino – 25, 3rd place, Amazon – GONE 4TH
Mogo-Mogo Jenna Morasca – 22, SOLE SURVIVOR, Amazon – GONE 3RD (took herself out)
Saboga Rudy Boesch – 76, 3rd place, Pulau Tiga (retired navy man) – GONE 2ND
Saboga Tina Wesson – 42, SOLE SURVIVOR, Australian Outback – GONE 1ST

The Bachelor

The new season of the Bachelor will premiere April 7th.

The Apprentice

Last week we saw Heidi, the mouthy saleswoman, get fired after not stepping up in the rickshaw challenge.

This week Troy and Kwame (The only members of Protégé left) choose to steal Bill, whose business style is directly opposite the other two, from the other team. The teams are sent to Atlantic City where they’ll run a promotion at the Trump Taj Mahal for twelve hours. The team whose registered gamblers spend the most money win the challenge. Project Managers: Kwame for Protégé and Amy for Versacorp. On the way to Atlantic City, the guys spend the whole trip on their cell phones making appointments to help out in their strategy. The girls (and Nick) are sleeping.

On Versacorp, Katrina brings up great ideas for entertaining the patrons, while Amy makes the final decision to give away a three hundred dollar luxury car rental. Katrina and Amy disagree on negotiating tactics: Amy is all business and Katrina attempts to turn on the charm. Later, Amy turns her charm on Nick in the discussion of what beds the three members of Versacorp will be sleeping in. And, on the actual playing field, Versacorp attempt to steal Protégé’s customers and promotional ideas.

Protégé sets up a spin-to-win wheel, which immediately attracts a large amount of people. They also locks down a deal to secure the props (lions and tigers) from the casino magic show — the only condition being that Troy go see the Ferco Brothers’ show. Kwame tags along with him and Bill becomes upset that two people, when one was sufficient, decided to waste almost three hours of time. Bill snags the priority to checking in the high rollers and VIPs, and escorting them back to their own table, to swipe their registration cards. Later, Bill realizes that bringing out a Tiger for everyone to stare at takes people away from gambling.

Donald Trump comes to Taj Mahal to observe the teams, and to announce the winner of the task. Both teams did really well. Versacorp secured 1337 gamblers for a total amount of $105,362.00. Protégé secured only 776 gamblers, but since they were major VIPs, the amount spent was $123,159.00. As a reward, Trump gives the guys three grand to gamble with and allows them to spend the night in the Napoleon Suite, which is the nicest luxury suite ever.

Versacorp (Amy, Katrina, and Nick) go to the boardroom where it eventually comes down to Amy (project manager) and Katrina since Amy wouldn’t dare go up against, as Trump says, her “boyfriend.” As this is Amy’s first time in the boardroom, she’s prepared major notes which have no effect as Trump, criticizes her concept of the car rental give-away but Amy refuses to accept responsibility for this decision. Trump’s advisors tell him that Katrina didn’t do much in this task and that Amy has been doing wonderful in the past, but made large mistakes on this task. Trump tells Katrina that she should have tackled Amy for her chance to shine. In the end, Amy’s past successes prevail and Katrina is fired.

Next week: we don’t know what’s going to happen, since they didn’t show us.

The Apprentice airs on Wednesday evenings at 10:00 pm Alberta Time

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