Keeping Track

Where have all my records gone? They’ve all gone into large, yellow envelopes.

For each course I take I have a separate envelope, and into that envelope goes things like the introductory letters you receive when you start a course, notification of extensions, letters from tutors, course grade papers, returned assignments, etc. I also keep separate envelopes for documentation from the university and student loan papers. I put all these envelopes in a box and corner of their own for easy reach later on. You can also do the same with file folders if you prefer, or shoe boxes, or binders, or duo-tangs, or whatever organisational tool suits your fancy.

Also, as a distance student a large amount of what we do is done via the Internet. This could include a lot of email from tutors or other students, saved research material from the Internet, assignment documents that you’ve sent in online rather than mailing (and the copies you get returned to you), etc. For each course I’ve taken so far, I have a separate folder on my computer into which I put assignments, research, emails, etc.. It makes it much easier to find things later on. I also have separate folders in my email program for mails relating to course and university issues, and a couple of separate bookmark/favourites folders in my web browser with links to the university, course websites, study sites, my student loan organisation, etc.

It certainly makes everything a lot easier to find when I need them.