The Voice Fiction Feature – For Better or Worse

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today
a man, a woman, and me
my words, their words,
so few words
– – to alter two lives forever
promises made for a life together
– – for better or worse

At our first meeting
I ask the questions about bride and groom,
attendants, music, process, flower girl or not,
where, when, how many guests?

I don’t ask why him, why her, why now?
I don’t ask “Are you sure? Very sure that this is the one for all time?”

It’s not my right or my role to question
their motives, their intentions, their love
the odds of success
– – (though sometimes, silently I do)

It’s not my right or my role to question
the baby to come or the merging of families or
why the church isn’t an option or
why this marriage will work when the last one didn’t or
why he answers all the questions and she looks compliant

It’s my role to give them the day they want
– – without judgement
To ensure a well orchestrated show for family and friends
with meaningful vows and tears all around
to remember the minutiae, to deliver the goods
to allow for photo ops, to congratulate the parents
To wish the happy couple all the best, good health,
– – happiness always

For better or worse