AUSU This Month – New Student Clubs


The AU Science Students Society is now online.

The Athabasca University Science Students Society is the newest AUSU sponsored club. Open to all AU students with an interest in any of the sciences, the AUSSS (or AUS3 as they prefer to be known) has a website featuring links to AU science programs, science news, and links to websites and programs of interest to science students. Encompassing all of the sciences, including biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics, computer science, environmental science, geology and health, the AUSSS is sure to have something for everyone.

You can visit the AU home page at:

Contact for more information. Members of the AUSSS have access to a private forum on the AUSU website.


Getting together physically with fellow AU students adds to your university experience. Other students will be able to understand and relate to the joys and frustrations of distance learning. It’s also a way to stay abreast of information relating to AU and the Athabasca University Students’ Union.

See the Coffee Groups web page on the AUSU site, at for a list of groups.

Anyone interested in starting up a group in your area (anywhere in Canada, from small towns to major centres) please contact LONITA at


If you have a question for AUSU, or would like to get to know your council, drop by the chat-room [accessible through the ‘Message Forums’ option on the AUSU home page You will need an AUSU web site account.] Times are MST

Mondays at 8:00 PM Councillor Karl Low