CMIS 245 – Course Introduction

Do you use your PC merely as a word processor for typing essays and other coursework? Or do you think of your PC as an account manager, a graph and chart producer, a presentation tool, and a gateway to the world through the internet?

Athabasca University’s new course, Microcomputer Applications in Business (CMIS 245), is a hands-on course that will allow you to embark on a practical learning adventure with your computer. Not only will you soon view your computer in the exciting ways mentioned above, but CMIS 245 will equip you with a variety of tools for successful Windows operation.

Throughout the course, relevant business applications are emphasized where appropriate as well. Divided into 14 lessons, Microcomputer Applications in Business (CMIS 245) first begins with an introduction to “the basics” associated with Windows. Over the next 3 chapters, you will explore Microsoft Word — discovering editing, macros, formatting, tabs, indents, ruler use, guidelines, and more. In short, you will be introduced to a myriad of Word features which will transform your word processing experiences!

Once you have mastered Word, you will embark on an Excel adventure, first discovering the rudiments of this popular spreadsheet, then delving deep into the world of spreadsheet design, graphs, and charts, as well as the mathematical functions of the program.

Over lessons 9 to 11, you will be introduced to the Access database, and have hands-on practice in creating tables, reports, and more. Next, you will learn how to initiate and design professional quality Power Point presentations and slides in a fascinating, practical manner. Lastly, your final lesson deals with a comprehensive overview of the internet and its many applications — a useful tool in today’s world.

Your evaluation from the 3-credit Microcomputer Applications in Business (CMIS 245) course results from four assignments (worth 17.5% each), one quick quiz (worth 5%), as well as a final exam (worth 25%).

Offered through Athabasca University’s School of Business, CMIS 245 is offered in 3 formats; through the traditional individualized study, through grouped study, and through the popular fast-paced e-Class option.

Having no prerequisites, you are able to register in Microcomputer Applications in Business today to gain practical knowledge about your computer programs’ many capabilities!

For further information on CMIS 245, you can visit the course syllabus at:

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