Where are the AU Doctoral Programs?

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RE: Debbie Jabbour’s AU Develops Doctorate Program
April 28, 2004 – v12i17

I’d like to say how frustrated I am that AU does not currently have a Psychology or Arts Doctorate program. I’ve had very few places, people or institutions I have been able or willing to be loyal to. I’m disappointed that I can’t plan ahead of time to count on this program to be available when… or is that if… I get to that point in my studies.

If AU plans such a doctorate it is not being mentioned to we the students within that program.

We’d like to know what’s going on.

Laura Seymour

Good question, Laura. I’ve contacted some of the “powers that be” at AU in the psychology and arts departments and I hope to be able to print an answer to your question in next week’s issue.

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