AU’S Newest Course! TAXX 401-Taxation II

It’s nearly the end of May. Like me, if you operate a small business, you probably filed your income tax return several months ago. But how familiar are you with our Canadian federal income tax system and its procedures? Is your knowledge of the system confined to constant perusals of the income tax guidebook or does it result from an in-depth savvy of all its ins and outs?

If the former is the case, you may be interested in enrolling in one of Athabasca University’s newest courses: Taxation II (TAXX 401). Opened in February of this year, Taxation II delves deeply into the Canadian government’s Income Tax Act, with particular emphasis on federal income tax guidelines and procedures for businesses and corporations. TAXX 401 is divided into seven lessons. The first two are an introduction to corporate tax principles. Lesson three can be considered a crash course in the management of the many decisions, problems, and other issues that you may encounter in your dealings with the Canadian federal income tax system — it will not only train you to be well informed of the many facets of the tax system, but will also give you the skills to be able to act competently. The following two lessons (4 and 5) build upon this foundation as you are introduced to more complex tax issues. The final two lessons deal with further complex issues, such as taxation rules and procedures in partnerships.

Taxation II (TAX 401)’s course professor and author, Dr Clarence Byrd, has an impressive background in both education and tax-related publications and specializes in corporate tax issues. Currently one of Athabasca University’s accounting professors, he received his PhD from the University of Michigan after having received his BBA and MBA. Dr Byrd has authored over 100 tax-related books (several of which are published by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants), including the popular Canadian Tax Principles, used with success in many Canadian postsecondary institutions. He has also published work in numerous accounting journals across Canada. You can view Dr Byrd’s staff page at:

Your evaluation for Taxation II (TAXX 401) is calculated through 4 assignments (10% each, totalling 40%) and 2 exams (a midterm worth 25%, and a final exam worth 35%). Offered by the School of Business, Taxation II, a senior (400 level) 3-credit course, has a 300-level prerequisite: Introduction to Income Taxation (TAXX 301). Taxation II is offered via grouped or individualized study.

Register today to discover the ins and outs of the Canadian federal income tax system for businesses and corporations! You can view the course syllabus at: To view the syllabus for TAXX 401’s prerequisite, visit: