Primetime Update

Week of May 21, 2004

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The Bachelor

Last week, Jesse went on three overnight dates with three wonderful women, and was confronted by Trish who offered him a key to her room. Jesse, however, blew her off and ended up spending the night with Mandy Jaye instead. In the end, Mandy Jaye got the boot.

This week, Jesse brings both women to his hometown where they meet with the spy (Jenny), her husband, and Jesse’s family. On Jessica’s visit with Jenny, we find the spy giving her tips on how to “stay in the game.” At Jesse’s home, she gets the grill from pops. He questions her age (21) and her life experience. But, Jessica handles herself really well and Mum falls in love with her. On Tara’s home visit, she’s ecstatic to see Jenny, but Jenny turns around and tells Jesse that Jessica would make him happier than Tara would. Tara’s effect on Jesse’s parents is the opposite of Jessica’s; Dad loves her, Mom: not so much. In fact, Mom has a hard time believing Tara’s expressions of affection toward her son.

Jesse goes ring shopping, two different trips; one with each girl. Afterwards, he realizes that both women chose the same ring. This is great, since he doesn’t really know which chick to pick.

Jesse spends a final evening with the women at his bachelor pad, in their street threads and eating like pigs. Tara tells Jesse that she’s in love with him, and that she’d say yes if Jesse were to propose, then the couple gets intimate in front of the cameras. When Jessica comes to his pad, the talk is serious about how they feel about the whole situation. Jessica is on edge about Jesse’s uncertainty and the idea that she and Tara tried on the same rings. Afterwards, they spend time in the hot tub but the intense conversation continues.

Jesse buys the ring that both women picked, and talks about the positive features of both Tara and Jessica, although he admits he’s starting to lean in a particular direction. While getting ready for the evening, Tara gets very upset that she might be going home. In the limo, she hyperventilates and has to get out and vomit.

On the pedestal, Jessica is the first to greet Jesse. The speech starts with all the mushy stuff about how amazing Jessica is, and how she makes Jesse a better person. Finally, though, Jesse reveals his reciprocation of her feelings. He tells her that he wants to wake up next to her tomorrow; however, he’s not ready to propose at the present. She accepts his feelings, and they make out for quite a while. Then he offers her a one way ticket to New York City. However, when Jessica suggests that they “get out of here,” Jesse tells her that he still has to say good-bye to Tara. Surprised, Jessica heads upstairs, and watches through the window.

Meanwhile, back in the limo: Tara is still hyperventilating and totally stressing out. Before Jesse can even start talking, she breaks down crying and Chris must bring her a tissue. When she’s finished telling him how much she loves him, how upset she is that either she or Jessica will be hurt (dramatic irony, eh?), and how much of a bad situation they’re in, Jesse begins the speech, in much the same way as with Jessica. He tells Tara what a wonderful person she is, “but,” he’s fallen in love with another woman. And then, the twist, she tells him that she’s upset that he misled her. She expresses her retrospective desire that he wouldn’t have led her on and done things that he shouldn’t have done unless they were to be together in the end. She tells him, on national television, that his actions were inappropriate. He lets her go with the cheesy line, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Loser. The tacky goodbye music takes us out of the season:

Next week, we’ll watch the “After the Final Rose” episode, same time, same channel.

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