RE: Modern Sexism, May 26, 2004 – v12 i21

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RE: Modern Sexism, May 26, 2004 – v12 i21

Dear Editor;

I was surprised to find that the article entitled “Modern Sexism” in the May 26th issue of the voice was less an informative article and more a thinly veiled rant written by a disgruntled employee. I didn’t see the fact that the author was passed over for this position as a sexist move, I see it as a clear case of her not being the right person for the job.

It was hard to seriously consider any of the author’s points regarding sexism in the work place, or even empathize with her, in light of the fact that the two of the key players in the story were described in such bitter, unflattering ways.

To insinuate that the Fireman has something wrong with him because he can’t find a job in his own field — “This guy works where I do because he can’t get a job in his own field (which says a lot already)” — insulted me. I also cannot find a job in my field, what does the author feel that says about me? Am I less qualified than my co-workers? Not likely. As for the description of supervisor, to write that the woman is having marital trouble and therefore hired the fireman because she needs more men in her life, does nothing for the author – except prove that this entire ‘article’ is nothing more than
an outlet for the author’s sour grapes.

I’m sorry to think that this fellow student would assume that an interviewer would take all the information needed from a resume and cover letter and would not feel it necessary to sell her credentials during the interview process. Perhaps her competition had more charisma, a better attitude, and was better able to show the supervisor how they as a candidate could be a benefit to the organization. Hopefully the author will learn from this experience, and learn how to compete and take a loss gracefully, and not blame such loses on sex discrimination.

I would hope in the future that the Voice would take better care to not give such inappropriate statements validity by placing them in the articles section.

Heather Gardiner
Canmore, Alberta

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