Links To Your Imagination

While our everyday lives occupy so much of our attention, we all indulge in a little fantasy now and then. It’s part of the capacity of being human, to be able to stretch one’s imagination and see things as they might have been, might be, or may never be anywhere but our own dreamscapes; the ways in which we tell stories, the stories we tell, and how we exhibit them to others.

Here are a few web sites that give us a glimpse into our fantasies and imaginations.

Unreal History –
The histories of things that never were, divided into categories such as television, movies, books, games, and comics.

The Invisible Library –
A collection of books that only appear in other books.

The Game of the Name –
The real character names of everyone from Quincy to Mr. Big.

The Editing Room –
A site devoted to bringing movie buffs around the world completely innacurate, short scripts of movies.

The Medieval Bestiary –
“This site is the long-term project of David Badke, an independent scholar in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The goal is to gather all (!) available information about the Medieval Bestiary and its antecedents, as well as related information on the Medieval view of animals in general, both fabulous and real. The end result will (hopefully) be a resource that is of some use to the community of Medieval scholars and anyone else with an interest in the Middle Ages.”