Searching for Internships

Canadian Embassy-Washington, D.C. Internship
Position description: There are positions available in Public Affairs including Academic Relations, Culture, Press/Media, and Information Services. They also frequently have positions available in Trade, Environment, Energy and Congressional Relations.
Pay: Unpaid.
Eligibility Requirements: Must be a Canadian or American attending a Canadian or American university or college.
Time and Length: Interns usually work 4 ½ days per week. The length is not mentioned.
How to Apply: You will need to send the following via fax to (202) 682-7791:
“¢ completed Application Form (contact Ingrid Summa to obtain a copy);
“¢ an autobiographical sketch stating your goals/interests and why you are applying to our program;
“¢ a resume;
“¢ an unofficial academic transcript; and
“¢ three letters of recommendation (academic/employment).
For more information and to obtain an application form contact Ingrid Summa, Intern Coordinator, at (202) 682-1740, ext. 7530 or by e-mail:

International Organization for Migration (IOM) Internships
Position description: Various positions. They list available positions on their website.
Pay: Unpaid but you will receive a Monthly Subsistence Allowance which is calculated depending on the type of education you possess and the distance of your permanent residence from IOM’s location in Geneva. Allowances range from 500 to 1500 CHF but will likely not cover your total costs.
Eligibility requirements: None specified.
Time and Length: Ranges from 8 weeks to 6 months.
How to Apply: Apply year round by sending your cover letter and resume to their Staffing Unit at .
You can find more detailed information on their website listed above.

American Express Internships
Position description: Various descriptions available around the world. There are currently 6 openings in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom: Project analyst, Design Specialist, CSI Leadership Development, Marketing, Operations and Financial Advisor.
Pay: Not mentioned.
Eligibility requirements: There are different requirements for each position which are listed on their website.
Time and length: Varies with positions.
How to Apply: Each position has its own application procedures listed in its description on their website.

Sony Electronics Internships
Position description: Sony offers internships in the following areas: Accounting; Information Systems; Marketing; Public Relations; Communications; Human Resources; General Business Administration; Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial or Computer Engineering; Computer Science or Materials Science. There is a more detailed description of each area provided on their website mentioned above.
Pay: Not mentioned.
Eligibility Requirements: Be a full time student who has completed their sophomore year in a program related to one of the areas mentioned above, maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher, and pass a drug test.
Time and Length: Ranges from 5 weeks to 6 months.
How to apply: You can search their website for available internships and apply online for each individual position.