From Where I Sit – Sex Appeal, Redefined

I’ve always been partial to dark-haired men with moustaches. I even married one. A coincidence? I think not.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some very attractive men out there who don’t fit that narrow, even shallow stereotype.

Right now for instance I happen to think Mike Holmes is the sexiest guy on TV. Understand, he’s no Tom Selleck, but he is hot.

Oh, sure he fills out his Carhartts very nicely. And he does have those big, bulgy biceps and pecs out there for all the world to see when he’s working bare-chested. He does wear his short, blonde hair spiked. I don’t even mind the tattoos or thick gold chain around his neck.

He’s got attitude and ethics. He’s got skill and professionalism. He’s got emotion and passion. He’s a man with a mission to make it right.

Most importantly, he’s got a tool belt and he’s not afraid to use it.

Gentlemen, do not underestimate the sex appeal of a man with tools and talent who willingly turns them to all those ‘honey-do’ fix-it and renovation jobs around the house. The way to some women’s hearts is through an eager, capable willingness to do these things for them.

Mike Holmes is the star of HGTV’s “Holmes on Homes” TV show. Mike is a knight in shiny armor. He uses his considerable skill, an army of trusted trades-people and contractors, and down-home moral advice from his father to right construction wrongs. He shakes his head in disbelief at some of the shoddy, dangerous and downright criminal work being passed off as professional construction and /or renovation work in the Toronto area. He swears at the gall of these creeps. He’s blunt about the naivete of some of the victiMs. He educates viewers about the pitfalls of renos. And bonus, he doesn’t whine like Jim on “Real Renos.”

Mike uses the skills he learned from his father, 20 years in the contracting business and a clear understanding of the requirements of the building code to correct dangerous, demoralizing, expensive bungles.

Any woman who’s waited forever for a husband or a contractor to do some simple project will appreciate Mike’s take-charge attitude and attention to detail. He believes in doing it right the first time. And he gets it done. No challenge is too big, no detail too small. He expresses the indignation and anger at crappy work, dangerous shortcuts, and unethical tradesmen than anger all of us. He sees people losing life savings and their faith in their fellow man.

In an age where too often we don’t get what we pay for, where shysters take advantage of the unsuspecting, where heroes are in short supply, Mike is a breath of fresh air. I love his righteous indignation, his macho good looks and the fact that he leaves things better than he found them. That’s pretty sexy, from where I sit.

*Reprinted with permission