Primetime Update

Week of July 16, 2004


AMAZING RACE – Wednesdays – 9pm on CTV

Last week, Jim tripped in the first ten seconds of the race and needed medical attention for his leg, but Dad and daughter still made it to the airport in time for take off. Charla and Mirna were ostracized, Alison and Donny finished first, Chip and Kim as well as Kami and Karli missed a route marker and had to go back, and in the end it was Dennis and Erika who were eliminated from the race.

This week the teams must go to a nightclub and dance their way through some foamy stuff to find a ball, which contains their next clue. Kami and Karli (twins) and Chip and Kim (Black married couple) form an alliance where they will help each other get the clues, however they manage to lose each other before they leave the pit stop. At the nightclub a foreigner gropes Nicole, and Brandon doesn’t come to her rescue (dating couple)

After the club, teams must take a ferry to Buenos Aries, Argentina, where they must find the grave of Evita Perone in the Recoletta Cemetery. Instead, many people Go to the Cacarita Cemetery where Evita’s husband is buried. In the detour teams must choose between the tasks of Perro (dog), located right outside of the cemetery where teams must walk eight dogs along a predetermined path to a statue a mile away, or Tango where they must go to a theatre 1.5 miles away and search the dance floor for the man in the picture. When they find him he gives them the clue.

Charla and Mirna are the first to complete the Tango task followed by Brandon and Nicole. The dog walkers, on the other hand, have a whole whack of trouble maneuvering the dogs and finding the checkpoints. Allison doesn’t help the situation at all by yelling demands, which Donny (and everyone else in the race) ignores. In the end the miserable couple gives in and goes down back to try the Tango task, which they master right away.

Teams must now travel by bus or taxi to the La Invernada (70 miles outside of Buenos Aries) where they’ll receive their next clue. Most of the teams get in a cab and spends a large lump of cash to get to the checkpoint, but Marshall and Lance are delayed when their car needs to fuel up. Kim/Chip and Kami/Karli (who later fight over a taxi) get on the bus along with Alison/Donny who fight the whole way there.

When they arrive at the ranch, teams must complete a Road Block: One team member must do some ribbon roping, in which they must pull a bandana from the neck of a cow.

Teams must take a horse and carriage to La Portenia; a pit stop where the last team to arrive will be eliminated.

Order of arrival: Brandon/Nicole, Charla/Mirna, Jim/Marsha, Karen/Linda, Bob/Joyce, Colin/Kristie, Marshall/Lance, Chip/Kim, and Kami/Karli, leaving Alison and Donny, who were first in the last leg to be the last team to arrive on this leg, and thus, eliminated from the race.

Next week: more of Chip and Kim vs. the twins, Charla eats some yucky stuff, and of course what would reality TV be without a huge blowup between two people.

Bob/Joyce – 61/54 – Retired/Medical Practice Administration – Internet Dating Couple
Brandon/Nicole – 25/21 – Actor/Model – Dating
Charla (midget)/Mirna – 27/27 – Store Manager/Lawyer – Cousins
Chip/Kim – 46/44 – Owner of Web Company/Owner of Recruit Company – Married parents
Colin/Christie – 24/26 – Cell phone store owner/pharmaceutical sales rep – Dating
Jim/Marsha – 53/26 – Helicopter Pilot/Law Student – Father/Daughter
Kami/Karli – 26/26 – CafĂ© Manager/Student – Twins
Linda/Karen – 45/41 – Mother, tennis teacher / mother, homemaker – Best Friends
Marshall/Lance – 31/26 – Restaurant Owner/Restaurant Owner – Brothers/ Restaurant Owner

Dennis/Erika – 27/25 – Mortgage broker/wedding planner – Once Engaged
Alison/Donny – 23/21 – Unemployed/Student -Alison was on Big Brother 4 – Dating

BIG BROTHER 5 – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays – 9pm on CBS

The relationship between Michael and Nakomis (Jennifer) keeps growing and they agree to try and keep each other in the house. Michael’s mother and father talk a little bit about what happened prior to Michael’s birth. They both express their happiness and their pride in their children.

Holly and Jase spend a lot of time flirting and talking, and the other women start talking about the couple’s connections to each other and about how annoying Holly is (she acts like a blonde ditz). Mike (nominated) goes to the other houseguests with the idea of alliances, and getting rid of “the four horsemen.”

After the live vote, host Julie Chan reveals that Mike is unanimously evicted from the house. The major explanation for his eviction, Mike says, is because he was a threat to the big time alliance.

In the competition for Head of Household we see a game called Majority Rules. Questions are asked regarding the other houseguests, and those who agree with the majority get to stay in the game. Those who answer in accordance with the minority are eliminated from the competition. The competition comes down to a tiebreaker in which the question is asked: What is the total number of yellow food balls grabbed during the first grocery competition? The correct answer is 100, however Marvin comes closest to this number with 81 balls and is granted the power of HOH.


Of course we’ve found out that Michael and Nakomis are half brother and sister, which has been a little awkward being that Nakomis has been nominated for eviction. But, what hasn’t yet been revealed is the pair of twins that have been switching in and out of the house without the other houseguest’s knowledge.

Last Thursday we found out that Adria and her twin sister Natalie have been switching in and out of the house. They switch once a week. The twin that lives outside of the house lives in seclusion, on the same diet as the rest of the houseguests. Both twins agree that abandoning their own personalities is the hardest part of the whole situation. After half of the summer, if they haven’t been detected, they are both permitted to be in the house and play the game at the same time.

Adria (30) – Web Designer from Birmingham, AL. Married
Diane (22) – Cocktail Waitress from Burlington, KY. Single
Drew (22) – Recent College Graduate from Urbana, OH. Single
Holly (20s) – Model from Los Angeles, CA. Single
Jase (28) – Volunteer Firefighter from Decatur, IL. Single
Jennifer (21) – Restaurant Hostess from San Antonio, TX. Single
Karen (30) – Portrait Artist from Saddle Brook, NJ. Married
Lori (26) – Yoga Instructor from Boston, MA. Single
Marvin (36) – Mortician from Conway, SC. Single
Michael (23) – Security Officer from Durant, OK. Engaged dad.
Scott (26) – Sales Representative from Pittsburgh, PA. Single.
Will (26) – Registered nurse from Tupelo, MS. Single, gay.

Mike (41) – Commercial Painter from Eastpointe, MI. Single dad.

CANADIAN IDOL – Wednesdays, Thursdays – 9pm on CTV

Last week, on the Wild Card Show, Canadians put Jason Greely and Elena Juatco into the top ten who will start competing this week (July 21st). Next week we’ll meet them, and I’ll give my own opinions on how they did.

FOR LOVE OR MONEY – Tuesdays – 10 pm

Two women and fifteen men in a house together. Anyone who watched For Love or Money 2 would remember Rachel, who was rejected by Preston, and Andrea, Rachel’s arch nemesis who was also rejected by Preston. Both women are in the competition this time and are led to believe that they’re unique in their position. It is soon revealed that there are two of them and that they’ll have to win the first impression of the men, as one will leave at the first elimination ceremony.

Before the men move into the mansion, they are told that they’re competing for love or money and questions of what’s important pops into their minds. Then, the amount of each of their cheques, ranging from one dollar to one million dollars, is revealed (included below in each man’s description).

Later, the two returning women are interested to each other, and everyone is totally confused, and the women must deny they know each other and that they’ve been in the house. However, when they’re alone with the camera, each woman totally bashes the other.

The women must cook dinner for the men who must make the choice which table to eat at. As Andrea is an event planner and a great cook, Rachel’s table is virtually empty. Afterwards, the elimination ceremony begins. The men are immediately informed that instead of being eliminated, the men must choose which woman will stay. One by one, each man must step forward and announce their votes and then stand on the stairs behind the woman of their choice. Near the end, each woman has seven guys standing behind her, and only David’s decision remains. He makes a speech about really knowing someone and going with the stronger connection and then he walks to Rachel’s side. The host then announces that not only will Andrea be leaving; the seven guys behind her will leave with her.

Rachel, 26, is from Chicago and Andrea, 28, works as an event planner.

The Men Still in the Game
Alex – Industrial Engineer, from Omaha, NE – $500,000.00
Caleb – Realtor, from Tempe, AZ – $1,000,000.00
Chris – Fitness Professional, from Tempe, AZ – $250,000.00
David S. – Sales Representative, from Miami, FL – $1.00
Josh – Real Estate Project Manager, from Lake Tahoe, NV – $500,000.00
Mike – Corporate Financial Sales, from Santa Monica, CA – $250,000.00
Morgan – Sales, from Chicago, IL – $1.00
Rudy – Mortgage Broker, from Newburyport, MA – $1,000,000.00

Men who departed this week:
Ben – Hotel Industry/Management, from Chicago, IL – $1,000,000.00
Brian – Software Sales, from San Francisco, CA – $50,000.00
Chad – Bar Manager from Tarboro, NC – $100,000.00
David K. – Emergency Medical Technician, from Waimea, HI – $1,000,000.00
Jai – Investment Broker, from Houston, TX – $1.00
Steven – Mortgage Loan Consultant, from Lansdale, PA – $1.00 (turned his back when amount was shown)
Wes – Surfer/Massage Therapist, from Atlanta, GA – $100,000.00

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