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AU B. Admin to Close

The AU School of Business has recently announced that the Bachelor of Administration program will close to new registrations as of December 31, 2004.

The closure applies to the degree program, including all concentrations, as well as the post-diploma program.

Students who are currently enrolled in the program will be allowed to continue their studies as normal, and most or all of the business courses that are part of the discontinued program will remain available for students who are enrolled in the program, and as part of the new business programs offered by AU.

To replace the old BAdmn credential, AU will be offering more choices of business degrees, including a Bachelor of Management, a Bachelor of Health Administration, a Bachelor of Professional Arts – Governance, Law and Management, and a Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations.

The Bachelor of Management “3-year degree program incorporates courses from each concentration in the existing Bachelor of Administration to provide a more well-rounded program of study for business students,” according to the web page AU has posted to announce the closure.

The reason for the closure, according to the School of Business, is that the current B.Admin concentrations are being expanded into separate degree programs to offer more choices to business students. AU stresses that “these changes will in no way detract from the BAdmn degree you have earned or are in the process of earning” and that it is common for colleges and universities to revise their program offerings from time to time.

For those who wished to enrol in the BAdmn, AU recommends the new Bachelor of Management program, which “incorporates courses from each of the” BAdmn concentrations, adding that the four year B. Management will offer additional senior courses in various specializations. Students moving from the BAdmn to the BMgmt or the BComm will not be required to pay the standard change of program fee.

Transfer credit assessment from previous post-secondary education to the new BMgmt program is expected to be the same as it was for the BAdmn, however “evaluations on a course by course basis may change dependent on whether the courses meet a requirement in the Bachelor of Management.” Students are urged to contact a Student Advisor with the School of Business for more information before changing their program.

Students currently enrolled may wish to remain in their current BAdmn degree to avoid losing any credits. AU will allow students to continue in the old degree for as long as it needed for a student to complete the credential. The closure affects new students only. It is not certain, over the long term, if all courses that are currently offered will remain open, as courses are also retired from time to time.

For more information on changes to the School of Business BAdmn program, students should review the information on the course closure information page, located here:

Tamra Ross Low
Editor in Chief