Primetime Update

Week of July 23, 2004


AMAZING RACE – Wednesdays – 9pm on CTV

Last week, Alison and Donny fought a whole lot, Jim and Marsha were set up by the bowling moms, and Chip/Kim and Kami/Karli became allies and later fought over a taxi, becoming over-competitive and ruining each other’s friendship.

This week, teams must first drive themselves to Buenos Aires and then fly to San Carlos De Bariloche, Argentina, where they must seek out the mayor to give them the next clue. Brandon/Nicole and Charla/Mirna agree to help each other. When Brandon and Nicole get their car stuck in the mud the girls stop to help them (Charla gets a minor shock from an electric fence in the process). However, when the girls take a wrong turn, Brandon and Nicole turn the right way and take off without their allies. Marshall and Lance end up with a flat on the road and must take 13 minutes to change their tire.

At the airport there are multiple departure times beginning at 9:10 am, however only standby tickets are available until 10:30 am. Jim and Marsha are the first to purchase standby tickets, however the other teams secure priority and the Daddy/Daughter team must wait until 11:30 am to depart.

9:10 Flight: Colin/Christie, Charla/Mirna
9:40 Flight: Marshall/Lance, Brandon/Nicole
10:30 Flight: Linda/Karen, Bob/Joyce, Chip/Kim, Kami/Karli
11:30 Flight: Jim/Marsha

When they arrive, teams select an SUV — which some have trouble driving — and head to the civic center where they meet the mayor and get the next clue. Teams must then walk two blocks to a chocolate shop called the Chocolate Factory located amidst many chocolate shops. Roadblock: One person must bite through chocolates (in total there are 11,000) and find one with white filling. Marshall and Lance spend over an hour tasting chocolate (after yelling “Bitch” out their window to Charla and Mirna).

After putting way too many chocolates in their mouths, teams must drive to Villa Catedral (a ski village) where they take a gondola to the top of a mountain and search for their next clue. Detour: Smooth Sailing (tandem paragliding off of a five thousand foot mountain) or Rough Riding (bike down a rough 6 mile course). All teams choose smooth sailing. There are no major problems during this task.

Pit stop: Drive 14 mils to Bahia Lopez, a tiny island in the middle of a lake (teams must walk through some shallow water). In order of arrival the teams are:
1. Colin/Christie
2. Charla/Mirna
3. Brandon/Nicole
4. Bob/Joyce
5. Kami/Karli (who take their clothes off and swim through deep water)
6. Linda/Karen
7. Chip/Kim
8. Marshall/Lance
9. Jim/Marsha

Despite catching up to the team in front of them, the airplane mishap was too much of a delay and Jim and Marsha are eliminated from the race.

Bob/Joyce – 61/54 – Retired/Medical Practice Administration – Internet Dating Couple
Brandon/Nicole – 25/21 – Actor/Model – Dating
Charla (midget)/Mirna – 27/27 – Store Manager/Lawyer – Cousins
Chip/Kim – 46/44 – Owner of Web Company/Owner of Recruit Company – Married parents
Colin/Christie – 24/26 – Cell phone store owner/pharmaceutical sales rep – Dating

Kami/Karli – 26/26 – Café Manager/Student – Twins
Linda/Karen – 45/41 – Mother, tennis teacher / mother, homemaker – Best Friends
Marshall/Lance – 31/26 – Restaurant Owner/Restaurant Owner – Brothers/ Restaurant Owner

Dennis/Erika – 27/25 – Mortgage broker/wedding planner – Once Engaged
Alison/Donny – 23/21 – Unemployed/Student -Alison was on Big Brother 4 – Dating
Jim/Marsha – 53/26 – Helicopter Pilot/Law Student – Father/Daughter

BIG BROTHER 5 – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays – 9pm on CBS

On Saturday, Marvin put Holly and Lori on the nomination chopping block. On Tuesday we watched Jase win the power of Veto and take Holly (his lust interest) off the block despite her protest, and put up Karen, Lori and Will’s ally.

On Thursday, Lori was evicted and Drew won the HOH competition.

On Saturday, Drew nominated Holly and Nakomis for eviction and it caused some problems with Scott and Jase (Holly’s sweetheart).

At the food competition everyone got a taste of alphabet soup, they literally swam in the stuff to spell out the foods they wanted for groceries. Everything from beer (of course) to lobster and pork.

The four horsemen continue to fight with each other about women and strategy. See what happens Tuesday on Big Brother 5.

PROJECT DNA: Michael and newfound sister Nakomis (Jennifer) are still in the house, however both vow to get rid of the other if it comes down to it. Adria and Natalie have two weeks left to keep their secret. If they can pull it off both will be given a spot (as themselves) in the house.

Adria (30) – Web Designer from Birmingham, AL. Married
Diane (22) – Cocktail Waitress from Burlington, KY. Single
Drew (22) – Recent College Graduate from Urbana, OH. Single
Holly (20s) – Model from Los Angeles, CA. Single
Jase (28) – Volunteer Firefighter from Decatur, IL. Single
Jennifer (21) – Restaurant Hostess from San Antonio, TX. Single
Karen (30) – Portrait Artist from Saddle Brook, NJ. Married

Marvin (36) – Mortician from Conway, SC. Single
Michael (23) – Security Officer from Durant, OK. Engaged dad.
Scott (26) – Sales Representative from Pittsburgh, PA. Single.
Will (26) – Registered nurse from Tupelo, MS. Single, gay.

Lori (26) – Yoga Instructor from Boston, MA. Single
Mike (41) – Commercial Painter from Eastpointe, MI. Single dad.

CANADIAN IDOL – Wednesdays, Thursdays – 9pm on CTV

The Top Ten: Each week we’ll review what song each finalist sang, what I thought (not that anyone cares), and what the judges thought.

This week, I asked a friend to record both shows for me as my great Aunt was visiting from Victoria and I spent both nights with her and her family. My friend recorded both shows, but she recorded the results show over top of the first 1/2 hour of the performance show. So, I missed the bios on the first four singers. You can check out the website if it’s extremely important to you and I’ll try to get some info for next week.

Joshua Seller – Try
Josh was the first to try out the new stage. As a result, the judges commended his performance but they thought it was safe, no risk – likely because they weren’t really sure what was to come later.

Brandy Callahan – Nobody’s supposed to Be Here
The judges argued over her talent. It went from recognition of her vocal ability to the destruction of her performance and ability to appeal visually to the audience.

Shane Wiebe – My Song
He belted his heart out, but took no risks. The judges didn’t like it.

Manoah Hartman – Halleluiah
My opinion of this song was that it could have been way better; it didn’t turn my head at all. The judges agreed. Zack even threatened to change the channel.

Jason Greely – Cuts like a Knife
Jason is from Newfoundland. Not only is this guy great looking, he’s a big time entertainer. His voice and style are great. As far as his talent goes, all of the judges agree. During the top 28, Sass Jordan announced that this guy’s “her type.”

Kalan Porter – Born to Be Wild
18, from Medicine Hat, AB. Plays violin in a string quartet, fiddle in a family band, and he’s a local Alberta hottie!! Surprisingly, this eighteen-year-old has a very strong and mature voice. The Calgary Sun picked him as their favorite to win, and the Canadian Idol judges like him a bunch too. He’s got my vote (and the vote of my 64 year old boss, who hates reality TV).

Theresa Sokyrka – Good Mother (Jan Arden)
23, from Saskatoon, SK. This one looks like she was born on the prairies in a house without a TV, and no exposure to real style. Her looks are a little too plain for me, but she took a bad song and made it her own and did an all right job of it. Respect granted, but I don’t think she’ll win. The judges gave her an overwhelming amount of praise… maybe it was better live than on TV.

Kaleb Simmonds – Everything I Do, I Do It for You
21, from Dartmouth, NS. He’s a gospel guy. I didn’t like it. His eyes look very very angry; he was singing a love song for crying out loud. He tried to hard, too many riffs. The judges liked it though.

Elena Juatco – Mary Jane (Alanis Morrisette)
19, from Vancouver, BC. Elena was the last person entered into the top ten. It was good. Not great, just good. Alanis has always been one of my favorite artists and it’s really hard to top her. The judges agreed.

Jacob Hoggard – Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Paul Anka)
20, from Abbotsford, BC. This guy looks like he’d be the life of any party: piercing, spikes, and all. Don’t go after him though ladies; he’s got a girlfriend. Very unique. His smile knocked me off my feet, and his voice was better than that. The judges thought he was wonderful; however they brought forth the question of his sanity.


The Results Show: Over 2.1 million votes in total
All the members of the top ten performed a “You Make Me So Very Happy.” It hurt my ears. There were too many mismatched voices all trying to do their own thing.

This week’s bottom three: Manoah Hartman, Brandy Callaghan, and Joshua Seller
Who went home? Brandy Callaghan

FOR LOVE OR MONEY – Tuesdays – 10 pm

Last week we said goodbye to Andrea as well as seven of the fifteen original guys. This week, Rachel goes to the House of Blues Casino with the majority of the guys. She spends alone time with each guy in a room upstairs. Rudy intrigues her and Caleb disappoints her. At the end of the date Rachel announces that on one hand of blackjack the man with the most chips wins a ride home with Rachel in the limo – alone.

David S wins and he literally carries her down to the limo. He then tells Rachel that he does not believe in love at first sight to which Rachel responds to the camera that he could be a potential moneymaker for her. (If she picks a guy who really wants to be with her instead of the money then she too gets the choice between him and money).

At the beginning of the episode (which I missed), Josh volunteered $275,000.00 of his potential winnings to go on one alone date with Rachel. So they get all dressed up, go to a Grand Ballroom (Bellmore Hotel) and have dinner. They dance, and spend some time alone in the limo. He even goes so far as to spend a vast majority of the money on a necklace for Rachel. But Josh pushes the physical stuff a little too far and she reprimands him. But then she realizes that if she gives him what he wants and he chooses her over the money she could be a very rich woman.

Later, Josh inspires jealousy in every other guy in the house. All of the guys tell him that he’s guaranteed a spot in the next round.

Before the elimination ceremony Rachel is given the opportunity to see the cheque amount of any one man. The power now back in her hands, Rachel takes a peek at Mike’s $250,000.00 cheque. Prior to knowing his amount she seemed to be really into him and she though that he was truly into her… but, he’s got a rather large cheque…

The Elimination: Rudy (who says he’s more upset about losing the money than he is about losing Rachel because she sees him as more of a friend), and Josh (who moved too fast)

Next Week: Skeet shooting, some poor guys fall in love, Rachel slips up just a little, and another guy is sent home.

Caleb – Realtor, from Tempe, AZ – $1,000,000.00
Chris – Fitness Professional, from Tempe, AZ – $250,000.00
David S. – Sales Representative, from Miami, FL – $1.00
Josh – Real Estate Project Manager, from Lake Tahoe, NV – $500,000.00
Morgan – Sales, from Chicago, IL – $1.00


Alex – Industrial Engineer, from Omaha, NE – $500,000.00
Mike – Corporate Financial Sales, from Santa Monica, CA – $250,000.00
Rudy – Mortgage Broker, from Newburyport, MA – $1,000,000.00

LAST COMIC STANDING – Tuesday & Thursday, 9PM

For the last few weeks I’ve been following this show, and it’s hilarious. We started with ten comics who compete in different kinds of competitions in stand up comedy: for example, performing stand-up in laundromats, tour buses, Friar’s club roasts, and children’s birthday parties. The comic who wins the challenge each week is granted immunity.

After the challenge the comedians vote, in a photo booth, for the person they think they can beat in a head to head challenge (on stage). The person with the most votes then chooses one of the people who chose them and the challenge is set. In the event of a tie, the two people with the most votes compete against each other.

This week the challenge was to pitch a TV sitcom to a bunch of couch potatoes who then score the pitch. The highest score wins. Tammy Pescatelli, who is one of my favorites, won with her pitch about a Sicilian mob family. The guys on the panel thought she was hot.

For the vote, all of the 10 initial comics are involved and the head to head is actually a three way: Alonzo Bodden, Corey Holcomb, and John Heffron. In the end John and Alonzo move on and Corey goes home.

The final five will compete on stage and the phone lines will be open for voters to vote for their favorites. In the end, America will decide who is going to be the last comic standing.

The Final Five: Tammy Pescatelli, Gary Gulman, Kathleen Madigan, Alonzo Bodden, and John Heffron. As well, each of the rejected comics gets one final chance to succeed, but only one will join the final five.

If there are any other shows you want updates on, or any comments you wish to make, please email me at!

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