cpossibilities, the Program

Calgary Philharmonic follows TO's lead to bring in young audience

This year, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is trying something new. Based on the successful tsoundcheck program of the Toronto Orchestra, the CPO is launching cpossibilities, a program that will target younger listeners by allowing them to purchase tickets at a greatly reduce rate and experience live classical music, perhaps for the first time.

The the Toronto program, cpossibilities targets listeners age 15-29. In one year, the TSO generated 3,000 new members, rising to 9,000 at the end of the second season. The Calgary program will closely follow Toronto’s lead, offering tickets to CPO performances for just $12 each.

“The Marketing and Sales Department will monitor ticket sales for each concert and will determine which concerts will be available to cpossibilities members. If cpossibilities tickets are available they will usually go on sale the Monday of that week’s performances but may be available as far as two weeks in advance, depending on the concert. cpossibilities tickets will be capped at 150 total per concert .” (CPO press release).

Discount rate seats will be placed throughout the hall, including the highest priced areas, which regularly sell for $67 per seat. Each member may purchase two tickets — the guest ticket can be used by a person of any age.

Tickets and memberships may be purchased online at cpo-live.com or through the CPO offices.

If you are aged 15-29, don’t miss this terrific opportunity to experience live classical music for the price of a movie ticket. If you happen to be older, grab a younger friend and take advantage of the guest ticket option.