Primetime Update

Week of August 15, 2004


AMAZING RACE – Wednesdays – 9pm on CTV

Last week teams raced to Egypt, Colin and Christie achieved a 7 hour lead, people encountered fatigue and injury, and Linda and Karen (the bowling moms), despite arriving last, were permitted to stay in the game,. However all of their money was taken away and none would be given to them.

This week teams must walk to the entrance of the great Pyramid and shimmy down a small shaft into the creation room 350 ft below for their next clue. When Colin and Christie arrive at the Pyramid they find it doesn’t open until 6 am, which will reduce their seven-hour lead. Later, Lance and Marshall encounter a huge problem when Marshall’s knee problems hurt him very badly trying to descend to the room of creation. Linda and Karen are reduced to begging for money to take a taxi to their next stop. Some tourists give them upwards of ten dollars for a single apple.

SECOND CLUE: Make their way to the city of Luxor, Egypt, by charter or commercial flight and find the Karnak Temple (Mound of Creation).

At the airport, Colin and Christie have been researching the different flights that are available and have reserved a taxi by putting their bags in it, but Charla and Mirna try to take their taxi. The argument is quickly resolved when the taxi driver tells the girls to get out.

Despite their constant reminders that they need to go to the old airport, not the new one, Linda and Karen’s taxi driver takes them to the new airport. They leave the new airport at 11:25 am, and miss the first flight. Everyone gets on an 11:30am flight, which ended up being delayed which gave Linda and Karen the chance to catch up.

DETOUR: Herd it (travel 5 miles on a buggy, load 10 sheep or goats onto a small boat, and deliver them to a shepherd across the Nile to Banana Island) or Haul it (3 miles on the buggy, and use a shadu (ancient level device) to transfer water from the river into buckets, and then travel by donkey and fill a jug).

Colin/Christie and Brandon/Nicole choose to haul water, while everyone else takes their chances with the sheep. With the water task, teams need to make more than one trip on the donkey to fill the jug to the required point. Colin and Christie finish first. On the sheep task, Chip and Kim are the first to move forward. In the meantime, Charla and Mirna complain that the task is too hard, while one of the twins finds she is allergic to sheep. Lance puts enough effort in for himself and Marshall, and they complete the task very quickly.

THIRD CLUE: Travel, by marked taxi, to the Habu Temple, an ancient structure filled with carved symbols of Egyptian mythology.

ROADBLOCK: One person must engage in archaeology by choosing a dig site and searching for a scarab (beetle type ornament). Colin and Christie are the first to complete the task. For the first time in the game, Kim (Chip’s wife) completes a roadblock by herself. It comes down to Linda/Karen and Charla/Mirna, who both become very agitated that the scarab is hard to find. Mirna finds it first.

PIT STOP: Hire a water taxi and travel to Crocodile Island. The last team to check in will be eliminated.
Order of Arrival:
1. Colin/Christie (win vacation to Mexico); 2. Chip/Kim; 3. Kami/Karli; 5. Brandon/Nicole; 6. Charla/Mirna; 7. Linda/Karen

Due to Marshal’s knee problems, the brothers are eliminated. In the end, they arrived at the dig sites to find that the first six sites have been successfully dug. Instead of arriving at the pit stop, they have the host meet them at the dig site, and Marshall/Lance are the first team in the history of the game to quit the race.

Next week: Brandon and Nicole argue with the locals, while Chip and Kim befriend them, and Colin/Christie and Charla/Mirna get physical.

Brandon/Nicole – 25/21 – Actor/Model – Dating
Charla (dwarf)/Mirna – 27/27 – Store Manager/Lawyer – Cousins
Chip/Kim – 46/44 – Owner of Web Company/Owner of Recruit Company – Married parents
Colin/Christie – 24/26 – Cell phone store owner/pharmaceutical sales rep – Dating
Kami/Karli – 26/26 – CafĂ© Manager/Student – Twins
Linda/Karen – 45/41 – Mother, tennis teacher / mother, homemaker – Best Friends

Dennis/Erika – 27/25 – Mortgage broker/wedding planner – Once Engaged
Jim/Marsha – 53/26 – Helicopter Pilot/Law Student – Father/Daughter
Alison/Donny – 23/21 – Unemployed/Student -Alison was on Big Brother 4 – Dating
Bob/Joyce – 61/54 – Retired/Medical Practice Administration – Internet Dating Couple
Marshall/Lance – 31/26 – Restaurant Owners – Brothers

BIG BROTHER 5 – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays – 9pm on CBS

Last week, Scott was evicted, the twin twist was revealed, and Nakomis won HOH.

On Saturday, in a total act of strategy, Nakomis put Diane and Marvin on the block. The reason for this: only their own alliance could compete in the Veto competition. As planned, Drew was selected to compete for Diane, and won. He took Diane off the block and Nakomis put Jase up in her place. Afterwards, Jase refused to hug Drew. On Thursday, Jase went home. After the eviction Adria wins the HOH competition. On Saturday, Adria nominated Marvin and Will for eviction.

PROJECT DNA: Nothing new.

Adria TWIN 1 (30) – Web Designer from Birmingham, AL. Married
Diane (22) – Cocktail Waitress from Burlington, KY. Single
Drew (22) – Recent College Graduate from Urbana, OH. Single
Jennifer (21) – Restaurant Hostess from San Antonio, TX. Single
Karen (30) – Portrait Artist from Saddle Brook, NJ. Married
Marvin (36) – Mortician from Conway, SC. Single
Michael (23) – Security Officer from Durant, OK. Engaged dad.
Natalie TWIN 2 (30) – Birmingham, AL
Will (26) – Registered nurse from Tupelo, MS. Single, gay.

1. Mike (41) – Commercial Painter from Eastpointe, MI. Single dad.
2. Lori (26) – Yoga Instructor from Boston, MA. Single
3. Holly (20s) – Model from Los Angeles, CA. Single
4. Scott (26) – Sales Representative from Pittsburgh, PA. Single.
5. Jase (28) – Volunteer Firefighter from Decatur, IL. Single

CANADIAN IDOL – Wednesdays, Thursdays – 9pm on CTV

The Top Ten: Each week we’ll review what song each finalist sang, what I thought (not that anyone cares), and what the judges thought. This week the theme was Lionel Ritchie.

Kalan Porter – “Still” – Every week, this quiet kid opens his voice and amazes everyone who hears him. He’s adorable… the boy next-door type. Judges showered him with compliments. Sass even calls him a dream boy. Zack says it was naked and honest and wonderful. It was.

Theresa Sokyrka – “Hello” – Her outfit was still really plain — black jeans and a green silk top — but her voice is better. She spruced it up with some scat, which turned the judges’ eyes.

Shane Wiebe – “Angel” – Shane did well on this song, though it was a little faster than anyone expected. I still want him to go home, he looks like a werewolf. Zack admits that he did a good job, but it’s not for him.

Kaleb Simmonds – “Truly” – I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that Kaleb stands out from the rest of the group, not just his style, rather, his personality doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the group. This week, he sang well, but I thought he misjudged a few of the notes and was a little flat on some of the longer ones. The judges said it was good, but it wasn’t his strongest performance. Spectacular anyway.

Jacob Hoggard -“Brick House” – I always enjoy this part of the show the most. Jacob is certainly entertaining. I’m waiting, though, for him to sing a song that showcases his voice, like a slow ballad or something. Zack, Jake, and Farley didn’t like it, but Sass though it was worth an award.

Elena Juatco – “Fancy Dancer” – The outfit was too much for me. She looked a little trashy. The singing wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t good either. I don’t get this hairdo thing either — ponytails with the top hair puffed up. It’s atrocious. A ponytail is supposed to pull a person’s hair back. The judges though it was great.

Jason Greely – “Easy” – I call this guy dimples for his smile. He can sing too. The difference between Jason and the rest of the finalists is that Jason is mature. He sings great songs, he dresses respectably and he portrays someone that any parent would be proud of. Amazing. The judges liked it, and appreciate his unique style and his emotional conviction to his music.

People Canada Already Sent Home:
Joshua Seller – Manoah Hartman – Brandy Callahan

This week’s bottom three: Elena Juatco, Shane Wiebe, and Kaleb Simmonds
Who went home? Kaleb Simmonds

LAST COMIC STANDING – Tuesday & Thursday, 9PM

On Tuesday the three finalists performed really well. Although there’s not much I can report, it was definitely worth watching. Good comedy. On Thursday America’s votes for the winner were revealed: third place goes to Gary Gulman, the first runner up is Alonzo Bodden, the last comic standing is John Heffron.

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