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Deloitte Internships
Deloitte is an international firm offering the following services: audit, consulting, emerging markets, enterprise risk services, financial advisory services, firm internal, legal and tax. They accept interns in numerous countries including Canada and each internship is different. To view available internships and information on internships in each country visit the website listed above and select the country you are interested in. You can apply for internships online at their website.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
At the CIEE website you can find information about working abroad, studying abroad and interning in the United States. Their website lists available work and study opportunities as well as information on how to get them. If you qualify for a CIEE internship they will help you get the necessary work permits, provide you with information about the country you are going to work in and provide you with support throughout your internship.

Siemens Internships
Siemens Website:
Siemens Canada Website:
Siemens is an international company operating in the following industries: airports, building and construction, cement, chemical, construction, consumer goods, electrical equipment, education, energy and power, financial/insurance, food and beverage, health care, hotel, travel and tourism, industry and automation, information and communication, information technology, machinery, manufacturing, metal and mining, mobile communications, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, public sector, authorities, government, pulp and paper, retail, wholesale, telecommunications, transportation, transportation operations, utilities and water. Siemens offers internships in numerous countries. The information that follows refers to Siemens Canada internships and is accessible through the Siemens Canada Website link above. If you wish to find info on Siemens internships in other countries, visit the Siemens Website listed above.
Position description: Internships available in the areas listed above.
Pay: Not mentioned.
Eligibility requirements: You must currently be enrolled at a college or university and have completed your first year. Your GPA must be 3.0 or better and you must have a desire to work for Siemens after you graduate. They also require their interns to be computer literate and familiar with the standard software programs.
Time and length: Not mentioned.
How to apply: You should apply at least 3-8 months prior to when you would like to begin. To apply click on the “Siemens Canada Career Opportunities” link on the right hand side of the page and submit your profile.

Show Biz Jobs
Are you looking to break into Hollywood or just Show biz in general? If you are, visit where you can look for careers and internships in the following industries: advertising, animation, consumer products, film, T.V., video production, game development, graphics, printing, legal, music/recording, sales/marketing, talent agency, theater, theme park, trade show, travel/cruise, T.V./radio broadcasting, visual/special effects and web/new media. Using their search engine you can search for internships/careers by region (Canada, U.S.A. and International), industry, job category, keyword, date or company. You can search for internships by selecting internship from the job category menu on the left hand side of the page. They currently have 12 internships in the U.S.A. listed in their database. These positions include a production intern for Lions Gate Entertainment, a finance and accounting intern for New Regency Productions, Inc., an intern to work with the Star Trek Website team at Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment and more.