Fiction Feature – Poetry by…

A Loyal Companion

The pain in my heart
Must remain in my heart
For it if were known
How my eyes fill with tears
At the mention of your name
No one would understand.

My days are quieter now
Your voice silenced from the world
As now it only lives within my heart
If others knew
They would laugh
Get over it, they would say
“It was only a dog”
But to me you were so much more.


Your beautiful face lights my day
For I cannot imagine a sunrise without you.
Your blue eyes, round and full
Fill me with laughter and tears.

Your fine brown locks
Surround your face
Your beautiful unlined skin
Tender to the touch
You are my angel on earth.

I cradle you close
Never wanting to say goodbye.
But tomorrow you will come again.
Gramma! Gramma!
Words to fill my yearning heart.


When they told me you were gone
I felt silent inside.
It had been years since I saw you
But I remember your voice still.

Your unique way of being
Will never be in this life.
Your frail body dissolved
But your infinite soul existing.

An invaluable legacy you have left
For all to see, read, enjoy.
Many will yearn for your guidance
But only those close will know your true heart.

A fleeting reminder of your extensive spirit
Will live on in the hearts you touched.
Your true essence can never be captured
But will exist for all to strive for.