Klein issue not resolved! – Further response to Ron Tebo

Klein issue not resolved! – Further response to Ron Tebo

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Re: Justice for AU – August 11, 2004 – v12 I 31

I was glad to see Ron Tebo’s article and the response by Patricia Brisebois concerning Ralph Klein’s essay. It was reassuring to see that people besides myself are still puzzled by this affair. Like Mr. Klein, I’m a student in the Communications Studies BPA program. And I’m getting tired of people making cracks about AU’s standards when I tell them where and what I’m studying.

I am still waiting for someone from AU to explain how any student can receive a B-plus in a 400-level course for a paper like Mr. Klein’s. Is it too late to get some answers to the questions raised by Mr. Tebo?

Tom Barrett
Coquitlam, B.C

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