Fiction Feature – Poetry by…

still life with avocadoes

dogs at the door of the bungalow
drawn by the heat of conversation
the untouched bowl of avocadoes
sitting on the kitchen table

whiskey-fuelled and reincarnated
two lovers naked in their history

after years
and too many conquests
after too many wars
waged with themselves
they return to the scene of their greatest triumph
in the cradle of each other’s arms

in the cradle of each others arms
in the cradle of their otherness
they attempt to reinvent
the boundaries of their hemisphere

the untouched pile of avocadoes
balanced on the kitchen table

his head balanced
in her lap

the wild light thrown
by passing buses

her hair falling down
across his face

builder’s handbook

do good work, keep the edges
simple and straight

approach the wood
with a sense of wonder

keep all in balance

don’t compromise your work for others
(if the plan looks wrong, disregard it,
fall back on your experience)

if it gets too heavy
let someone help you
don’t lift it all onto your shoulder

don’t build too high
or work too late

after all,
it’s just a house