Alberta to become home to world-class school of veterinary medicine in 2006

Alberta Learning — Calgary: The Alberta government is establishing a new leading-edge veterinary medical school that will put the province at the forefront of research into animal diseases and food supply safety.

This unique veterinary school will provide research into the detection, containment and eradication of diseases that can spread from species to species and affect humans, and prepare veterinary medical practitioners and researchers focused on food supply safety. The school will also specialize in producing large-animal veterinarians to address shortages of these types of specialists in the province.

“There is increasing concern about animal diseases and the threat that they pose to human health and – as we’ve experienced with BSE – economic prosperity,” said Learning Minister Dr. Lyle Oberg. “This new program will bring Alberta to the leading edge in research into these kinds of diseases, as well as help meet our demand for large food animal veterinarians.”

In keeping with the province’s Campus Alberta vision for a seamless learning system, the new veterinary school will coordinate with other provincial animal-medicine programs in universities and colleges throughout the province.

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