AUSU This Month – AUSU On The Klein Paper

AUSU On Klein’s Paper

AUSU members continue to write to The Voice concerned about AU’s response to Premier Klein’s essay earlier this year.

Specifically, our members want to know how the media attention directed at the academic quality and marking of Mr. Klein’s essay will affect the integrity of their hard-earned degrees.

The students’ union had these same concerns. We were concerned that the reputation of an AU degree might be tarnished by this public examination of Mr. Klein’s essay.

We immediately wrote to Dr. Judith Hughes, Athabasca University’s Vice-President Academic.

Dr. Hughes responded that all students, whether they hold public office or not, are entitled to fair judgment of the facts and to have their case treated in confidence. Dr. Hughes assured AUSU that AU reached its decision about the matter following a thorough investigation of the matter. Further, according to Dr. Hughes, AU has already and will continue to take steps to maintain the integrity of its degrees, including improved media relations and the possible use of plagiarism detection software such as “”

The Students’ Union appreciates Dr. Hughes’ response and AU’s efforts to be fair to all students. However, our members remain genuinely concerned. And rightly so. Studying part-time by distance education takes time and sacrifice, often for several years, fueled by the knowledge that the ultimate reward is a university degree respected by the academic and business community.

The Students’ Union believes that this episode was a singular occurrence and is not reflective of the quality of the education that AU students receive. That said, I encourage all AUSU members to contact AU President Dr. Dominique Abrioux ( or Dr. Judith Hughes (, or by mail at 1 University Dr, Athabasca, AB T9S 3A3. Offer your opinion. Ask what steps AU will take to protect the integrity of your degree.

It’s up to the university to protect our degrees. It’s up to us students to ask questions.

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