Primetime Update

Week of September 26, 2004


AMAZING RACE – Wednesdays – 9pm on CTV

Last week, Chip and Kim kept Colin and Christie from gaining another lead, but in the end the strongest team in the game was granted a reprieve, but stripped of their money.

This week Colin and Christie managed to beg enough money to stay on their feet. Teams raced up a zip line type contraption during the roadblock during the last elimination leg of the race. The bowling moms were the second team to arrive at the task, but Chip/Kim, Colin/Christie, as well as Brandon/Nicole passed them. As a result, Linda and Karen did not get to compete in the final leg.

The final leg of the race was the most exciting, for me anyway. Teams traveled to Calgary, making stops a Sunshine Mountain Village to climb to the top of the continental divide, and at Canada Olympic Park where they had the choice between snow biking or the two man louge. Most interesting was Nicole’s complete breakdown on the side of the mountain and Brandon’s nerve of admitting to the camera that they’re probably not going to be together forever (Ironically at the end of the show Nicole feels the exact opposite).

At the Calgary International Airport, all teams secure tickets to Dallas, Texas, the final destination. Chip and Kim are the last to book their tickets but this turns into an advantage when they find out that the plane will be delayed by two hours. Not telling the other team, but booking the last two seats on an earlier flight, Chip and Kim have the advantage going into Dallas.

When the other teams find out that the plane is delayed the next morning, they scramble and manage to get on a flight that lands 18 minutes after Chip and Kim. Colin and Christie phone ahead and reserve a town car and driver in an attempt to win the game in that fashion. When they arrive in Dallas, they immediately hop in the car and the driver takes them through the road shoulders and around other cars to get to their destination.

In the end, however, the lead that Chip and Kim got from the airplane delay won them the game. The host, Phil, hadn’t even finished congratulating them, however, when Colin and Christie completed the race. I was rooting for them… they definitely made this season interesting.

1. Chip/Kim – 46/44 – Owner of Web Company/Owner of Recruit Company – Married parents
2. Colin/Christie – 24/26 – Cell phone store owner/pharmaceutical sales rep – Dating
3. Brandon/Nicole – 25/21 – Actor/Model – Dating
4. Linda/Karen – 45/41 – Mother, tennis teacher / mother, homemaker – Best Friends

Dennis/Erika – 27/25 – Mortgage broker/wedding planner – Once Engaged
Jim/Marsha – 53/26 – Helicopter Pilot/Law Student – Father/Daughter
Alison/Donny – 23/21 – Unemployed/Student -Alison was on Big Brother 4 – Dating
Bob/Joyce – 61/54 – Retired/Medical Practice Administration – Internet Dating Couple
Marshall/Lance – 31/26 – Restaurant Owner/Restaurant Owner – Brothers/ Restaurant Owner
Charla (dwarf)/Mirna – 27/27 – Store Manager/Lawyer – Cousins
Kami/Karli – 26/26 – CafĂ© Manager/Student – Twins

BIG BROTHER 5 – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays – 9pm on CBS

Drew won. Enough said.

Drew (22) – Recent College Graduate from Urbana, OH. Single

THE APPRENTICE 2 Thursday, Sept. 9th, 2004

Last week: Bradford hung himself by foregoing his earned immunity. This week, teams competed in creating a buzz over Crest: Vanilla Mint toothpaste. Even though the ladies did a better job in securing Mike Piazza of the New York Mets over Mosaic’s failed attempt to give away a million dollars, Apex was over budget and the people from Proctor & Gamble chose the guys to win. Blame was solely placed on Maria who botched the correct amount before proceeding with an advertising order.

As a reward, Mosaic had dinner on Queen Elizabeth 2, the biggest ship ever built.

In the boardroom, Elizabeth and Maria revealed their concerns toward Stacie’s odd behavior as well as the need to baby-sit Stacie and continuously put out her fires. In response, Trump recalled all of the women and accepted the group’s unanimous decision that Stacie was not mentally stable. Regardless of her abilities on the tasks, Stacie is fired.

Andy (23) – Recent Harvard Graduate (nationally ranked debater)
Chris (30) – Stockbroker
John (24) – Marketing Director
Kelly (37) – Software Executive
Kevin (29) – Law Student
Pamela (32) – Investment Firm Partner
Raj (28) – Real Estate Developer (guy in red pants)
Wes (28) – Private Wealth Manager

Apex Corp.
Elizabeth (31) – Consulting Firm Owner
Ivana (28) – Venture Capitalist
Jennifer C (31) – Real Estate Agent
Jennifer M (30) – Attorney
Maria (31) – Marketing Executive
Sandy (28) – Bridal Salon Owner
Stacy R (26) – Attorney

You’re Fired!
Rob (32) – Corporate Branding Salesman (Crustacean Nation)
Bradford (33) – Attorney
Stacie J (35) – Restaurateur

SURVIVOR:VANUATU – Thursdays – 9pm on CBS

Last week we said goodbye to Brook, the cutie who was a threat to the older generation of men.

This week, we are still progressing pretty slowly, learning who the people are. The guys still don’t have fire, even though they’re trying really hard. The reward challenge is another balance beam activity where teammates had to maneuver around one another without touching more than one person and without falling off. Lopevi has a really tough time, only getting one man across the beam and handing the girls a reward of blankets and pillows.

After their victory, Mia does a little “rub it in your face” dance, which really upsets Rory, and in turn his immature moping upsets some of the other guys on his tribe.

The immunity challenge consists of the blind leading the blind, with one person on a wooden platform giving directions to pairs of tribemates who are blindfolded and in search of a dozen sets of puzzle pieces. Once the “sheepherder” guides their team in collecting all the pieces, blindfolds are removed and teams must complete three puzzles to win immunity (the guys will also be granted their flint to make fire). Teams start out even but the guys soon take the lead in collecting the pieces. Scout, who is Yasur’s eyes, neglects some of her teammates and we see them standing around doing nothing. After collecting 12 sets, Scout tells them to take off their blindfolds, but Jeff scolds her and points to a remaining set of pieces out in the water. The guys collect their pieces first and start assembling them, however once the girls retrieve their final piece they work together and manage to catch up to the guys. In the end however, the guys win by a hair.

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Similar to the guys’ tribe, the women have split into two different age groups; the older girls and as Scout says, the “sorority girls.” The older girls are leaning toward getting rid of Eliza, because she doesn’t do any work around camp, and the “sorority girls” are leaning towards getting rid of Leann, because she seems to be flying under the radar. Dolly tells the camera that she is the swing vote, however she fails to commit to one alliance or the other. Finally, Eliza, after discovering the possibility of her own departure, organizes a group of five women to get rid of Dolly, who is voted out.


Travis – 33 – Loss Prevention
Brady – 33 – FBI Agent/Ex Military
Chad – 35 – Teacher – (Artificial leg)
Lea – 40 – Drill Sergeant
Rory – 35 – Housing Case Manager
John – 31 – Sales Manager
John K – 22 – Model/Mechanical Bull Operator
Chris – 33 – Highway Construction

Scout – 59 – Rancher/Entrepreneur – (artificial knee)
Eliza – 21 – Pre-Law Student
Ami – 31 – Barista/Model

Julie – 23 – Youth Mentor
Lisa – 44 – Real Estate Agent
Twila – 41 – Highway Repair
Mia – 30 – Finance Manager
Leann – 35 – Research Assistant

Brook – 27 – Project Manager
Dolly – 25 – Sheep Farmer

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