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Week of October 3, 2004


THE APPRENTICE 2 Thursday, Sept. 9th, 2004

Last week Apex went to the boardroom for being over budget on the Procter and Gamble Toothpaste task. However, once in the room, Trump found out about Stacey’s behavior on the first task and fired her on the basis of her questioned sanity. This week, following Stacey’s departure, Elizabeth is attacked for her lack of leadership on the toothpaste task. As well, we find out that Trump’s accomplice George was unavailable for this task and last Season’s apprentice, Bill, would be assisting.

THE TASK: Transform an empty space into a restaurant. The team who scores the highest on the Zagat Survey (food, service, décor), as filled out by their customers, is the winner.

APEX: Project Manager is Jennifer C. Cuisine is Asian fusion. Jen C is immediately criticized for her lack of planning, especially when she fails to hire someone to clean the space and keeps the women’s team up all night to clean it their selves. Elizabeth breaks down crying instead of working. Jen C and Stacie argue over every petty little thing that comes up, including Stacie’s choice of work attire. Sandy, the bridal store owner, created the décor for the restaurant
MOSAIC: Project Manager is Raj. Chris has extensive experience in public relations, and is put in charge of customer service. While the girls were working their butts off, John spent some time making abstract paintings to hang on the wall. The guys had quite an experience with a quartet of gay guys who came in and continually critiqued everything about the restaurant. Strategically, they send in John, the best looking guy of the bunch, and literally use sex to “fix” the problem.

THE SCORES: Apex: Food 22, Décor 16, and Service 19, for a total of 57. Mosaic: Food 22, Décor 18, Service 21, and Total 61. Mosaic takes another win. As a reward Mosaic gets to meet former mayor of New York, Rudy Guliani, who tells them that the most important principle of leadership is knowing what you believe.

BOARDROOM: Jennifer’s leadership skills were completely bashed. Carolyn criticized the girls for their decision to create a fancy restaurant in a poorer neighborhood. Carolyn then questions why the women can’t get along. Jen continuously interrupts Carolyn and seems to irritate everyone. Jen chooses to hold Stacie and Elizabeth partially responsible for the team’s failure. However, Jen is criticized for her lack of leading by example and her decision to make the boardroom a personal thing. Jennifer C. is fired.

NEXT WEEK: The girls gain Pamela back, and a task involving entertainment and Anna Kournikova.

Andy (23) – Recent Harvard Graduate (nationally ranked debater)
Chris (30) – Stockbroker
John (24) – Marketing Director
Kelly (37) – Software Executive
Kevin (29) – Law Student
Pamela (32) – Investment Firm Partner
Raj (28) – Real Estate Developer (guy in red pants)
Wes (28) – Private Wealth Manager

Apex Corp.
Elizabeth (31) – Consulting Firm Owner
Ivana (28) – Venture Capitalist
Jennifer M (30) – Attorney
Maria (31) – Marketing Executive
Sandy (28) – Bridal Salon Owner
Stacy R (26) – Attorney

You’re Fired!
Rob (32) – Corporate Branding Salesman (Crustacean Nation)
Bradford (33) – Attorney
Stacie J (35) – Restaurateur
Jennifer C (31) – Real Estate Agent

SURVIVOR:VANUATU – Thursdays – 9pm on CBS

Last week both the men and the women were split along lines of age and Dolly’s decision, or more indecision, to waver between the two alliances got her the boot as the girls voted her out of the game. This week Eliza admits that she went against the alliance to vote out Dolly and as a result the other girls question whether she can be trusted. Twila and Mia have it out verbally about the workload and who does more work than whom.

While the men are building their shelter, Rory goes off and finds some mandarin oranges, which he hesitates to share with the rest of the tribe. When he returns from his hike, Sarge expresses his disapproval and in return Rory expresses his independence and right to freedom.

Combined REWARD & IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Both tribes will vote out a person — The challenge has two parts: First, it’s tribe vs. tribe for a reward. They must cross three walls, by untying planks to create a doorway, retrieving keys, and untying poles. The winning tribe gets a fishing kit and they move on to an individual challenge where one person will be granted immunity. Lopevi wins this first part of the challenge.

In the second part of the challenge, the men must each dig up seven rungs for a ladder and assemble the ladder to win individual immunity. Chad, the guy with the artificial leg, is the first person to gather all his rungs, however John overtakes him in putting the ladder together and secures immunity. In the spirit of Survivor twists, however, John must join Yasur’s tribe for the rest of they day. At tribal council, after one of the men of Lopevi is voted out, John must give immunity to one of the women. Afterwards he will return to Lopevi.

TRIBAL COUNCIL: The men vote 5 to 3 in favor of John P’s departure (over Rory’s). John K, however, gives his immunity to Amy because she was not at risk of being voted out. As a result the women’s vote is five to three for Mia (over Twila).

NEXT WEEK: Brady tries his hand at fishing, and on Yasur, old allies become new enemies


Travis – 33 – Loss Prevention
Brady – 33 – FBI Agent/Ex Military
Chad – 35 – Teacher – (Artificial leg)
Lea – 40 – Drill Sergeant
Rory – 35 – Housing Case Manager

John K – 22 – Model/Mechanical Bull Operator
Chris – 33 – Highway Construction

Scout – 59 – Rancher/Entrepreneur – (artificial knee)
Eliza – 21 – Pre-Law Student
Ami – 31 – Barista/Model
Julie – 23 – Youth Mentor
Lisa – 44 – Real Estate Agent
Twila – 41 – Highway Repair

Leann – 35 – Research Assistant

Brook – 27 – Project Manager
Dolly – 25 – Sheep Farmer
John – 31 – Sales Manager
Mia – 30 – Finance Manager

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