AUSU This Month

AUSU Scholarships
AUSU is pleased to announce new scholarships and awards for Fall 2004! These include Academic Achievement Scholarships, Financial Assistance Bursaries, Student Service Awards, Convocation Awards and Emergency Funding. The October 1st 2004 deadline is being extended to December 1st 2004 to give students time to learn about the revised program.

For detailed information and application forms please visit the AUSU website at:

Student Discounts
AUSU will be the newest distributor of the Student Price Card in the very near future. The Student Price Card gives students discounts at numerous stores like A&W, Esprit, Foot Locker, Sterling Shoes and many more across Canada. All profits made from the sale of the cards will also go back into the students’ union so we can continue to bring you more student programs and services. AUSU will also be implementing a new payment system to allow students to purchase the cards using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. In the meantime students in the Edmonton area can get a Cruise the Core Card courtesy the Edmonton City Centre Customer Service or the Downtown Business Association which will give them student discounts at participating Edmonton businesses. The cards can be obtained through the Edmonton AUSU office. For more information on the Cruise the Core Card visit Keep watching the AUSU website for the Student Price Card to go on sale.

Information About AUSU Committees will be Online Soon
AUSU has numerous committees comprised of councillors and students that carry out many of the projects and ongoing work of the students’ union. In order to let students know more about the operation of the students’ union and to inform them of opportunities to get involved with AUSU, council has decided to place a list of AUSU committees and their descriptions online for all to see. Keep watching the AUSU website for more details.

AUSU Discussion Forum
If you want to talk to other students, then come visit the AUSU discussion forum accessible through the AUSU website. The discussion forum is a place where you can meet other students and discuss your education, interests, news, recent events, etc. Whether you are looking for conversation, information or fun, the discussion forum is the perfect place to find it all 24 hours a day.

Attend AUSU Council Meetings From Your Home at No Charge
Did you know that any student may attend AUSU council meetings for free? Now that you know, make sure to attend the next meeting on October 25, 2004. The meetings are held via teleconference so you all you need is a telephone. Here’s how you can attend a student council meeting:

1) Find out when the next meeting is being held. The meeting times are always listed on the AUSU website front page calendar and under the upcoming events section on the right-hand side of the page.
2) Send an e-mail to or phone 1-800-788-9041 ext 3413 to let us know that you would like to attend the meeting.

Attending AUSU council meetings is a good way to get to know your council, become involved in council activities and to keep yourself up to date on what your council is doing for you.