Primetime Update

Week of October 31, 2004


THE APPRENTICE 2 Thursday, Sept. 9th, 2004

Last week teams got the reshuffle and then were forced to clean up dog poop. Mosaic lost the task and Apex got to spend time with mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. Stacy was told that she bitched too much instead of stepping up and making changes, and was fired.

This week, Andy immediately feels the brunt of having no experience, as Trump’s selected business people are surprised and angry to see him return from the boardroom.

THE TASK: Via live video conferencing, Trump called the candidates from his private jet. The teams learn that they’ll be working at Deutsch Advertising, where they’ll create an ad campaign. The teams head over to the agency and meet with Donny Deutsch, the owner of the company, who tells them that their task is specifically to develop a recruitment campaign for the New York City Police Department.

MOSAIC: Andy, who is finally provided the opportunity to be project manager, encounters conflict with Maria. She was concerned about attracting their young, target audience. She told Andy that they needed to infuse more sex appeal into the campaign. But Andy stood his ground and stayed true to his initial vision.

APEX: Near the end of the day, Elizabeth, who is also chosen at random to be Project Manager; is not happy with the concept that she had agreed to at the beginning of the day. Kevin offered to help come up with a new concept that could be used with all of the footage they had. The two worked into the night and came up with a new idea. Afterwards, Elizabeth said she wouldn’t change her mind again, even though she knew that the others on the team might not be happy with the change. As expected, Raj felt that the ads didn’t have enough strength and Elizabeth backed off the idea.

When Elizabeth went back to the original idea, thus implying Kevin’s wasted effort, he tells the camera that his project manager sucks. Jennifer M. went so far as to suggest a coup. She said that the team should fire Elizabeth as Project Manager. However, the group didn’t follow through on the threat. As Apex finished up their campaign, conflict ran high. Kevin said that Elizabeth was trying to put band aids on the military campaign. Kevin said that if you’re going to do the military campaign then you should just do the best one you can. Raj completely disagreed with what Elizabeth was doing with the text she was adding to the still images for their posters. He felt it had nothing to do with the themes they were trying to get across.

THE SCORES: Determined by the company owner, Donny, Mosaic won by a landslide. Trump congratulated Mosaic and told them that since they had done something for the City of New York, the city would return the favor; as their reward, Mosaic were driven to Times Square where they got to see their ad played in public on the jumbo screen.

BOARDROOM: After Apex entered the boardroom, everyone gave an honest rendition of Elizabeth’s failure as a project manager. Donald asked Elizabeth whom she would bring back into the boardroom to face the firing, and Elizabeth said she’d bring Raj and Chris. But Trump thought for a moment and then stunned everyone by saying, “Honestly Elizabeth, I don’t think it’s necessary. You’re fired.”

Andy (23) – Recent Harvard Graduate (nationally ranked debater)
Kelly (37) – Software Executive
Maria (31) – Marketing Executive
Sandy (28) – Bridal Salon Owner
Wes (28) – Private Wealth Manager

Apex Corp.
Chris (30) – Stockbroker
Ivana (28) – Venture Capitalist
Jennifer M (30) – Attorney
Kevin (29) – Law Student
Raj (28) – Real Estate Developer (guy in red pants)

You’re Fired!
Rob (32) – Corporate Branding Salesman (Crustacean Nation)
Bradford (33) – Attorney
Stacie J (35) – Restaurateur
Jennifer C (31) – Real Estate Agent
Pamela (32) – Investment Firm Partner
John (24) – Marketing Director
Stacy R (26) – Attorney
Elizabeth (31) – Consulting Firm Owner

SURVIVOR:VANUATU – Thursdays – 9pm on CBS

Last week Yassur got rid of Lisa, based on a rumor Ami started about deception and mistrust, instead of keeping the women’s alliance strong and getting rid of Rory, who refused to do any work as he knew he’d figured on going home. This week, we see Rory beg for his life and when that doesn’t work, he makes threats.

REWARD CHALLENGE: One tribe member at a time must hurry to open coconuts, and then race with the juice through a wood crawl, seesaws, wood hurdles and a grid box to deposit the juice into the receiving jar. Once the jar is filled, the last member must carefully carry it to the finish line. The first tribe to deliver their full jar wins the Reward: some time at Vanuatu Home CafĂ©, enjoying coffee, juices, treats and some love from back home. The winning tribe is also allowed to bring a coffee maker and some coffee back to camp. After filling Yasur’s jar, Leann almost trips to single-handedly lost the Challenge; however, she finds her feet and brings the full jar across the finish line to secure Yasur’s reward.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: each tribe is equipped with a pouch of marbles and a slingshot. In turn, each tribe member must take a shot at a ceramic tile grid. The first tribe to break all twenty tiles wins Immunity. As the competition began, Lopevi gained a small lead. After Yasur overtook the lead with the sharp shooting of Rory, John missed his tile, squandering an opportunity for Lopevi to narrow the conflict. With only one tile left for victory and desperately needing Immunity to stay on the island, Rory aimed his slingshot and announced, “This one’s for my baby boy.” Rory launched the marble and watched it crash through that final tile, securing himself at least three more days on the island of Vanuatu.

TRIBAL COUNCIL: John, whom them men consider lazy, lobbies Chris and Twila to get rid of Chad, however admits to the camera that it is himself who’s most likely to depart. In the end, John figured out where he stood; he suffers a five-to-one vote that expels him from his tribe.


Chad – 35 – Teacher (Artificial leg)
Chris – 33 – Highway Construction
Julie – 23 – Youth Mentor
Lea- 40 – Drill Sergeant
Twila – 41 – Highway Repair

Ami – 31 – Barista/Model
Eliza – 21 – Pre-Law Student
Leann – 35 – Research Assistant
Rory – 35 – Housing Case Manager
Scout – 59 – Rancher/Entrepreneur (artificial knee)

Brook – 27 – Project Manager
Dolly – 25 – Sheep Farmer
John P – 31 – Sales Manager
Mia – 30 – Finance Manager
Brady – 33 – FBI Agent/Ex Military
Travis – 33 – Loss Prevention (Bubba)
Lisa – 44 – Real Estate Agent
John K – 22 – Model/Mechanical Bull Operator

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