RE: Email notification for The November 3, 2004 Voice (v12 i42)

RE: Email notification for The November 3, 2004 Voice (v12 i42)

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RE: Email notification for The November 3, 2004 Voice (v12 i42)


Perhaps you could clarify the comments written as follows:

My apologies. This issue was delayed due to an interruption in my cable internet service, thanks to the wonderful fellow [in my neighbourhood] and his tampering with the cable box in order to steal cable. Who says stealing cable is a victimless crime!

I am fairly certain that it was your neighbor who was stealing the cable for himself, and not for Voice purposes. Was he reported for the theft?

S. Quinlan – A concerned student

Thanks for pointing that out! I think my sarcasm was not obvious enough. No, The Voice is not stealing cable–I dutifully pay my inflated bills for that each month–but someone on the next street has been having fun tampering with our box.

Yep, it’s been reported about a dozen times, because I need frequent cable repairs. They put locks on the box, and s/he cuts them off and tampers with the box. Unfortunately, this person does not leave a cable line hooked up, and my local cable company has declined to press charges due to a lack of evidence as to who is the culprit, although they are very good about repairing the lines and are considering installing a new box.

Fear not–in an effort to ensure that I do not lose internet service, I now have both cable and DSL in my home office, until such time as I’m certain my cable service is stable! For those who are curious or shopping around, I’ve had both services over the years, and other than the issue of line tampering, I’ve found cable internet to be much faster, a better value (tons more web space), and to have far less down time. The cable company is also much quicker about fixing problems and never charge you. I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying that cable internet isn’t good!

Thanks for the inquiry…