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Week of November 21, 2004



This season’s 11 teams are listed below. For those who haven’t seen the show before, the gist is that eleven teams set out from somewhere in the US, and race through multiple legs around the world in which they must follow clues, and compete in detours (choice of two culture-specific tasks) and roadblocks (one predetermined team member must complete a task alone). There are also options to fast-forward (complete one task that allows teams to skip everything else and go directly to the next pit stop) or to yield another team (force them to stop playing for a predetermined period of time). At the end of each leg, teams meet at a pit stop, where they are forced to rest for twelve hours.

Teams start out in Chicago but quickly depart to Iceland. Immediately I’m voting that Jonathan goes home. He’s egotistical and extremely arrogant. This guy definitely doesn’t have an inferiority complex. I find it humorous that his girlfriend calls him an idiot. Many of the teams get on the phone prior to getting to the airport, which to me seems useless because the three possible flights all land within five minutes of each other.

Jonathan/Victoria, Adam/Rebecca, Lori/Bolo, Kris/John are on the flight that connects through Minneapolis. Freddy/Kendra, Don/Mary Jean, Lena/Kristy, Meredith/Maria are on the flight that connects through Baltimore. Gus/Hera, Hayden/Aaron, and Avi/Joe are on the flight that connects through Boston, which is delayed 45 minutes because of the weather.

Once in Reykjavik, teams must chose a car and read clue on steering wheel. Read 130 miles to Sel Jalansfdso Waterfall, follow path behind torrent of water for next clue. Everyone seems to get lost on their way to the waterfall. Meredith and Maria follow a vehicle that had already been to the waterfall, and end up an hour and a half out of their way.

Teams must now drive 260 miles to Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajokuli, and sign up for the glacier shuttle, which will take them 10 miles to the glacier’s edge. On the way there, teams speed way too much in their SUVs, and Hera and her father try to keep calm.

Teams must now ride a snowmobile 2.5 miles across the glacier to a camp site. Once they arrive they must search the tents for departure times that will return them to land the next day. The tent from which they rip the ticket off, is the one in which they’ll spend the night. There are four departure times: 10am, 10:30am, 11am, and 11:30am. After spending the night in a tent on a glacier, teams must drive themselves 20 miles to Glacier Ice Beach to find their next clue.

DETOUR: Ice climb (travel 35 miles, put on special gear, trek across a glacier, and then use picks to climb an ice wall), or ice search (travel short distance to lagoon, choose a boat and driver, and search for a clue attached to a buoy in seven square miles of water). Avi/Joe, Gus/Hera, and Jonathan/Victoria are the only ones to try the ice search; everyone else attempts the ice wall.

PITSTOP: After completing the detour teams must drive themselves 200 miles to The Blue Lagoon. The last team to check in will be eliminated. On their way, Adam and Rebecca fill their SUV with diesel instead of regular gasoline, and must wait to have their tank emptied. Gus/Hera and Avi/Joe take a wrong turn somewhere, and end up across the lake from the pit stop. Avi and Joe choose not to trust the father/daughter team and go into a building to search for more clues.
In order of arrival: Hayden/Aaron (win trip to Hawaii), Kris/John, Lena/Kristy, Freddy/Kendra, Jonathan/Victoria, Lori/Bolo, Adam/Rebecca, Meredith/Maria, Gus/Hera. Avi and Joe’s choice not to trust the other team put them in last place, and they’re eliminated from the race. They’re extremely shocked, to be in last place.
Next week: Meredith/Maria has car trouble, Jonathan and Victoria continue to fight, and Adam/Rebecca’s relationship is pushed beyond the breaking point.

Kris/John – Long distance dating for 1 year
Lena/Kristy – Sisters/Models
Lori/Bolo – Married/Professional Wrestlers
Don/Mary Jean – Married/Grandparents
Hayden/Aaron – Dating/Actors
Gus/Hera – Father/Daughter
Jonathan/Victoria – Married/Entrepreneurs (He’s a dictator)
Freddy/Kendra – Engaged/Models (He’s 10 years older than her)
Meredith/Maria – Best Friends/Roommates
Adam/Rebecca – Ex/Lovers (trying to rekindle) Hell Boys

Avi/Joe – Best Friends (guys)

THE APPRENTICE 2 Thursday, Sept. 9th, 2004

Last week teams created a bridal shop, and Mosaic massacred Apex. Chris made the mistake of letting Jennifer off the hook, and as a result was fired. This week, Trump asks Mosaic to send one member to Apex. They choose Kelly.

THE TASK: Develop an in store promotional catalogue for Levi. Catalogues will be judged by one of Levi’s executives, and the most creative and inspirational team will win.

MOSAIC: Wes is project manager. Maria and Sandy have conflicting ideas about what the layout should be and later Maria takes too much control during the photo shoot. She even shrugs off Andy’s comments. Later, she and Wes get right into it and when she tells Wes to back off, he does. Later, the whole team criticizes Maria’s attitude. Wholly conflict. It’s disgusting. Then, Maria cries and apologizes. Later, she overly dominates the presentation, and then tells the evaluators that the jeans were too loose-fitting.

APEX: Kevin is project manager. Ivana creates a rotating wheel that she calls a “jean selector,” which confuses Jennifer. Instead of using models, the team takes pictures of themselves. Jennifer M gets everyone’s attention with her hair, makeup, and tight jeans, however, Kevin later calls her virtually useless. Later, Kevin, Kelly, and Ivana criticize Jennifer in front of Carolyn. In the presentation, Kevin comes off overly aggressive, mostly because of the sweat pouring off his face. Later, Jen tries to answer questions that are directed at Ivana, and ends up giving the wrong answers.

THE SCORES: Apex apparently isn’t as sexy as they’d like, however their project is generally better than Mosaic’s, who managed to only accomplish the sexy aspects. Robert also chooses Jen as the best team member, much to Ivana’s distaste. As a reward, Apex gets to go see the Broadway show “Moving Out,” and spend a lot of time with Billy Joel, listening to his music.

BOARDROOM: Maria is criticized for her choice not to show off the model’s butt, and for kicking a team mate out of the room. Andy criticizes Wes for not keeping control of Maria. Sandy refers to Bill by his first name, without his permission, which is a strike against her. Andy is criticized for his quietness, to which he responds that it’s more important to listen than to talk. Good move. Wes decides to bring all three of his team mates back into the board room.
Maria is a handful, but Wes is unable to control his team. Surprisingly, BOTH are fired!!!!!!

Next week: The feuds continue, the final six fend for themselves and must design a new Pepsi bottle and present it to a large group of executives, and one apprentice advances to the final four.

Andy (23) – Recent Harvard Graduate (nationally ranked debater)
Maria (31) – Marketing Executive
Sandy (28) – Bridal Salon Owner

Apex Corp.
Kelly (37) – Software Executive
Ivana (28) – Venture Capitalist
Jennifer M (30) – Attorney
Kevin (29) – Law Student

You’re Fired!
Rob (32) – Corporate Branding Salesman (Crustacean Nation)
Bradford (33) – Attorney
Stacie J (35) – Restaurateur
Jennifer C (31) – Real Estate Agent
Pamela (32) – Investment Firm Partner
John (24) – Marketing Director
Stacy R (26) – Attorney
Elizabeth (31) – Consulting Firm Owner
Raj (28) – Real Estate Developer (guy in red pants)
Chris (30) – Stockbroker
Wes (28) – Private Wealth Manager

SURVIVOR:VANUATU – Thursdays – 9pm on CBS

Last week the men were deceived by an all encompassing woman’s alliance, a pig came to stay at the camp, and the pecking order was revealed when Leann won reward, which she shared with Julie. Ami won immunity. The men saw a weakness between Eliza and Scout, but could do nothing about it, so Chris voted for Sarge in an attempt to save himself with the women.

This week, Chris lies and tells everyone that Sarge asked him to vote for him but then tells the camera that he did it to get further in the game. Scout expresses her fear that Ami and Leann have replaced she and Twila with Julie. She goes to the men, and asks them to help her get rid of Eliza.

REWARD CHALLENGE: The team is divided into two (Chris, Chad, Eliza and Ami versus Scout, Twila, Julie and Leann). Each mini-tribe competes in an obstacle course with one tribe member attached to a robe and bound by the hands. The other three tribe members must maneuver the “sacrificial member” through the different obstacles. The obviously stronger team (the guys and two young women) wins without question or competition from the other team.

The prize: Cultural activities with a local tribe, including a big feast. The pig that was given to the tribe last week is presented to the local tribe. In return, the tribe gives our castaways a pig, which they seem to forget at the festivities when they leave. The team is given Kava, the ceremonial alcohol, which has mouth numbing effects on everyone, and totally intoxicates Chad. The feast includes a meat, partially raw, which castaways eat with their hands. The dancing, however, is very intoxicating and the song sung by the little kids is quite moving.

When the winning team returns to camp, the rest of the tribe gives them little welcome since they got rained on all night and were totally drenched.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Survivors must hang onto a post for as long as they can with no foothold, just small lips made of rope. Last one whose feet touch the ground wins. Julie’s out first; followed by Chris, Scout, Ami, Eliza, and Leann. This leaves Chad and Twila to battle it out. Chad starts to slip, and can’t gain a foothold–remember he has an artificial leg–and ends up handing immunity to Twila.

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Scout, Twila, and the boys plan to get rid of Eliza, but Ami insists on getting rid of Chad first. Just before tribal council, however, Twila and Scout refuse to give the boys their word. Twila confronts Ami, and then turns around and tells Scout that the rest of the girls won’t vote for Eliza. Twila doesn’t want it to come down to a tie. In the end, the women stuck together and got rid of Chad, leaving Chris alone with six girls.

Next week: Scout and Twila’s plot are revealed by Chris to the rest of the tribe.

Chris – 33 – Highway Construction
Julie – 23 – Youth Mentor
Twila – 41 – Highway Repair
Ami – 31 – Barista/Model
Eliza – 21 – Pre-Law Student
Leann – 35 – Research Assistant
Scout – 59 – Rancher/Entrepreneur (artificial knee)

Brook – 27 – Project Manager
Dolly – 25 – Sheep Farmer
John P – 31 – Sales Manager
Mia – 30 – Finance Manager
Brady – 33 – FBI Agent/Ex Military
Travis – 33 – Loss Prevention (Bubba)
Lisa – 44 – Real Estate Agent
John K – 22 – Model/Mechanical Bull Operator
Rory – 35 – Housing Case Manager
Lea – 40 – Drill Sergeant
Chad – 35 – Teacher (Artificial leg)

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