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RefScout –

This is a weekly scientific reference mailing service that will update you weekly on emerging literature on whatever field you’re interested in. Just enter some keywords and RefScout will do the search work for you. Licensed by the National Library of Medicine, RefScout will screen MEDLINE data provided by MLM covering all manner of life and medical sciences for your entered keywords. Each week you’ll be updated via email with any new documentation RefScout finds.

There are PDF tools, and the ability to search in many different ways, view full-text articles, and even download information to your own computer.

Taoist Tai Chi Society –

If you’re looking for a little fun, exercise, or a new way to meet people, joining a Tai Chi group might be just the thing. With over 500 groups worldwide, the Taoist Tai Chi Society is sure to have a location near you. With a goal of promoting good health, the movements of Taoist Tai Chi – originally derived from Yang style Tai Chi Chuan – can help to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and circulation. This style of Tai Chi “emphasises greater stretching and turning in each of the movements in order to gain these and other benefits more effectively.”

Spiritually, emphasis is placed on being kind, generous, helpful to others, and learning how to release personal stress. It has even been described as “a form of ‘meditation in motion’ where the continuity of its movements, combined with the devotion of one’s undivided attention, heal and revitalize both the body and mind.”

One of the many benefits of the Taoist Tai Chi Society is its world wide membership. When you pay your membership dues to the society itself, it entitles you to not only take classes with the group you originally joined, but also to participate in classes in member groups the world over – so you don’t have to stop even if you’re away from home.

All fees incurred are used to run that particular branch of the society, and there are special rates available for students, seniors, and those unable to pay full fees due to financial reasons. Instructors are not paid for teaching; they work on a volunteer basis. They are, however, required to take regular training courses and must pass an annual certification process.

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