An open letter to Alberta Justice Minister Ron Stevens

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An open letter to Alberta Justice Minister Ron Stevens

Honourable Minister,

I am concerned about the Alberta Government’s opposition to the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriages. As an Albertan, I find it embarrassing that my provincial government is so homophobic.

I also find it rather dishonest of the Alberta Government to invoke “family values” as a rationalization for this homophobia. Ironically, Alberta has the lowest minimum wage in Canada, and the most regressive labour laws. If the Alberta Government truly believed in family values, it would raise the minimum wage in this province, and ensure better working conditions for Alberta workers, who would in turn be better able to care for their families.

I should also add that as a practicing Christian, I am opposed to discrimination, and discrimination against homosexuals is just as sickening as any other type of hate aimed at any other identifiable group. Stop using the Bible to promote hate.

In short, please stop hiding behind “family values” and the Christian faith: your government neither values families, nor is it Christian. And stop wasting Albertan’s tax money on your shameful attempts to stop other Canadians from exercising their rights.

John Buhler

Great letter, John! You’ve inspired me to publish the letter I wrote to my own MP recently. At this time of year, it’s hard to not reflect on the injustices of the world, but most eyes focus on those happening overseas. Let’s not forget that true freedom is far from secure on our own soil. You can read the editorial for my own comments on this issue. Agree, disagree, your choice. Let me know either way.