Did You Know

… that the Centre for Science has a resource page for information of all kinds regarding astronomy and related subjects? This page includes links to the syllabi for AU astronomy courses, as well as links to tools and informational sites to help feed your star-gazing need. There is also information on astronomy quizzes for AU courses, and information to tell you all about the people behind the scenes. http://science.pc.athabascau.ca/astr.nsf/resourcesastr?OpenPage

… that AU offers books for sale? The current selections offer everything from information on our Native peoples, Health Studies, PLAR portfolios, and more. Check out the choices, there’s sure to be something handy or interesting for everyone! http://www.athabascau.ca/html/cmp/booksale.htm

… that as a commercial pilot, you can receive transfer credits at AU? Your license must be gained through a flight school approved by Transport Canada, and help you gain credits towards the Bachelor of Administration (Organization concentration) and Bachelor of Science (post diploma).

… that if you’re having tech troubles with your computer, there is a support service available at AU to help you? These full-time AU staff members are there to aid you with all non-course specific computer-related problems. You can contact these groups by phone, or check out their respective websites for more information. http://www.athabascau.ca/main/support.html

… about AU’s Gateways project? Gateways aims to show that PLAR (prior learning assessment) is an integral part of post-secondary credential completion, develops PLAR tools for all education levels to aid in the dissemination of PLAR information to professional and educational sources to help broaden PLAR acceptance, and hopes to track and measure participants’ success in achieving educational and employment goals. http://gateways.athabascau.ca/

… about “AU In Your Community”? These are a series of information sessions held in various cities across Canada. Check the schedule to see when AU will be in your town. As many of 2004’s dates have passed, keep your eyes on the schedule for next year. http://www.athabascau.ca/events/AUevents.htm

… AU provides a comprehensive list of publishers? If you’re looking for publisher-specific information, or a place to begin your search for someone to publish your writing, this might be just the place to begin. http://www.athabascau.ca/html/cmp/publishers.htm

… about the Pathways project? This organisation aims to produce new, innovative, and flexible pathways to undergraduate degree completion, reduce barriers for adult learners, aid in the establishment of PLAR as an integral part of earning a degree, aid in the development of a seamless national education system, and much more. http://pathways.athabascau.ca/

… about AU’s England Language Studies Assessment? A series of questions will help you assess your language skills in the areas of grammar, mechanics, reading, and writing. On completion of the questions, this tool will help you choose which AU English courses you should be able to complete with success. http://www.athabascau.ca/html/services/counselling/esl/

… about The Trumpeter publication? The Trumpeter is an environmental journal dedicated to the pursuit of understanding and wisdom as it attempts to aid in the development of an ecosophy, or, wisdom born of ecological understanding and insight. http://trumpeter.athabascau.ca/