Primetime Update

Week ending December 19, 2004



Last week, 8 teams set out for Stockholm, then Dakar (Africa) where they searched for a grave. Next this visited the village of Kayar where they had to either stack fish or catch fish. Then they conquered the salt mines and a pink lake. In the end, Kris and Jon kept their lead, but Don and Mary-Jean fell behind and were the last to arrive at the pit stop. They were granted a reprieve, but had to give up all of their money and will start this next leg without being given any cash. This week, teams depart from Ile De Goree, just off the coast of Africa.

1st Clue: teams must find their next clue at the Slave House, on the island of Goree, where people were held prior to be sent to the new world as slaves. While here, teams are granted the ability to place a rose on the gate of no return, in honor of the slaves who passed through. From the doorway, teammates can see a tribute statue. It affects Gus and Hera the most, and brings them utterly to tears as they honor their ancestors.

2nd Clue: Take a ferry back to the mainland and then travel by plane 3000 miles to Berlin. Once in Berlin they must take a train to a portion of the Berlin wall that is still standing (East Side Gallery), for their next clue. Don and Mary-Jean can’t bring themselves to ask the people of the poorest country in the world for money, and so they turn to the other teams, who pull together to get the old couple off the island.

Bolo gets in a huge fight with Hayden in the travel agency, over whether or not they should be allowed to purchase tickets for another team. In the end though, everyone gets on the same flight. At the train station, Jonathan gets mad at Adam for apparently “following them.” To me this is funny, since they’re all going to the same place anyway.

3rd Clue: Teams must then make their way to the Broken Chain Sculpture across from a famous destroyed church (symbol of the political unrest of the war). Don and Mary-Jean misread the clue and try to find the clue at the destroyed church.

DETOUR: Beers (go to a bar buy and trade steins of beer in search of 5 coasters with the team’s pictures on them) or Brats (Go to the citadel and use a hand run sausage maker to make a continuous string of Bratwurst, consisting of 7″ links).

4th Clue: Teams must now travel to Teufelsberg, German for Devil’s Mountain; at the base of the mountain, teams will find their next clue. At this point, Hayden and Aaron get into a taxi, but the driver doesn’t know where to go.

ROAD BLOCK: Soapbox Derby – person must climb to the top of Devil’s Mountain and race a soapbox derby car down the track; teams must be under the traditional time of 37 seconds to receive their next clue.

PITSTOP: Finally, teams must choose a luxury vehicle (Mercedes) and drive into downtown Berlin to Brandenburg Gate (symbol of the reunification of Germany) which is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Jonathan gets fed up with Victoria’s inability to read a map, and gets out of the car to let her drive, which puts them behind Freddy and Kendra. In the end, the two teams engage in a foot race. Jonathan drops his bag to run faster, and Victoria stops to pick it up. She runs crying her eyes out, and then he yells at her for picking up the bag. He later gets super mad at her, and pushes her shoulder (It’s horrible that he physically hurt her, however the radio made it sound worse than it actually was). He yells at her in front of the host, and in front of Berlin’s public. Phil tells him to talk to her, and he says that in competition there’s no room for compassion. This guy should be taken out behind the shed and shot in the head.

Order of arrival: Freddy/Kendra (wins vacation to Mexico), Jonathan/Victoria, Hayden/Aaron, Kris/Jon, Gus/Hera, Adam/Rebecca, and Lori/Bolo, who thought they’d come in last because they took a train instead of a cab are the seventh team to arrive. As a result of their slow start, Don and Mary-Jean are eliminated from the race.

Next week: Jonathan and Victoria wage a battle of the sexes, and Kendra passes out on a bungee task.

Kris/John – Long distance dating for 1 year
Lori/Bolo – Married/Professional Wrestlers
Hayden/Aaron – Dating/Actors
Gus/Hera – Father/Daughter
Jonathan/Victoria – Married/Entrepreneurs (He’s a dictator)
Freddy/Kendra – Engaged/Models (He’s 10 years older than her)
Adam/Rebecca – Ex/Lovers (trying to rekindle) Hell Boys

Avi/Joe – Best Friends (guys)
Meredith/Maria – Best Friends/Roommates
Lena/Kristy – Sisters/Models
Don/Mary Jean – Married/Grandparents

THE APPRENTICE 2 Thursday, Sept. 9th, 2004

Last week we said Goodbye to Kevin and Sandy, and Kelly and Jen M, undertook their final task.

Jennifer M. is in charge of the Genworth Charity Basketball Classic to support the NBA’s Read to Achieve program with employees Chris, Pamela, and Stacie. She encounters criticism of her decision to delegate important tasks, as well as almost losing the commitment of the event’s emcee. Instead of being a passive, “nice” person to Chris Weber’s assistant, Jennifer gets right in her face and is almost rude about the emcee’s attempt to cancel.

Later, Jennifer insists that her team get some sleep, while she stays up all night printing out charts and timelines, and Pamela later criticizes her inability to strategize further. Later, she bails on the event, in favor of paper work. While everyone is watching, and getting excited, she’s on her cell phone, attempting to get paperwork sorted out.

Kelly is running the Genworth/Trump Polo Cup to help raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association, with employees John, Raj, and Elizabeth. He encounters problems with employee respect, as well as a continuous rain that threatens to cancel the entire event. Kelly gets super frustrated about the weather, and Raj and John’s ability to forget the task, drink the event’s wine, and then fool around. He later insists that the team must complete the goody bag task before anyone goes to bed.

Kelly and Elizabeth get lost driving around the countryside at night, and while putting up a tent, Raj and John, have trouble and end up breaking the sponsors’ signs. Kelly insists that his team go to sleep; however, his lack of direction keeps him over an hour past his estimated arrival time and Raj and John fall asleep on the patio of the polo club, listening to the frogs and crickets.

At the end of the events, both are deemed successful accomplishments of the apprentices. Trump takes all six “employees” into the boardroom. Jennifer is criticized for not catering to the VIPs at her event. She’s praised for her ability to delegate tasks and work hard to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. Kelly is criticized for his lack of catering to the VIPs. Raj calls Kelly robotic, and says that he lacks any sort of charisma. However, they all believe Kelly would be good, and solid.

Then each candidate has a chance to argue with Trump’s panel about what happened at the events. Jen is full of fire, and is again criticized for not catering to the VIPs. Kelly, sits back and takes the criticism, and is criticized for his inability to motivate his three employees.

Then, at Trump’s command, the facade of the boardroom is pulled away to reveal that the Trump Trio was onstage at the Lincoln Center in front of a cheering crowd. Trump admits even at this late date, he hasn’t made up his mind. So, with the help of Regis Philbin, Trump takes a poll of major business leaders, the audience and even a few familiar faces from the first season of the show. The opinions are overwhelmingly in Kelly’s favor.

Each candidate then gets one final chance to make their case on live TV. Jennifer M. says that she rose to the top of every organization she’s ever been a part of. Kelly cites his experience and consistency. Even though Jennifer M. has more to say, Trump cuts her off. It is The Donald’s turn to speak. Trump says that many of Jennifer M.’s teammates didn’t like her. He also says that he isn’t so sure Kelly will lead the way Trump would like him to lead. But finally, Donald looks at Jennifer M. and says… “You’re, fired.” Then Trump turns to Kelly, and speaks those oh-so-rare words, “You’re hired.” — And Kelly becomes The Apprentice!

After a live O’Jays rendition of “For the Love of Money,” the theme song of the show, Kelly has a choice to make. Donald has two massive construction projects that Kelly can be involved with. The first is Trump International Hotel and Tower, Las Vegas – a $500 million dollar structure that, when completed, will be the tallest luxury building in Vegas. The second is Trump Place, a $4 billion dollar project on Manhattan’s West Side that will be over a dozen city blocks long. In his first executive decision as The Apprentice, Kelly chose Trump Place. He says his goal had always been to learn from Trump and so he wants to stay in New York to do just that. Then, Kelly hops into his waiting limo to start a new chapter in his life as The Apprentice!

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