Women You Should Know – Carrie Derick

Carrie Matilda Derick
1862 -1941.

Born in Clarenceville Quebec Canada, Carrie Derick was a geneticist who became world renowned for her studies on heredity. She was also a crusader for women’s rights and openly supported birth control at a time when it was illegal in Canada.

Derick received her B.A. in 1890 and her Master’s degree in 1896 from McGill University in Montreal. A few years later Derick went on to the University of Bonn in Germany and completed the requirements for her PhD. Unfortunately, at that time the University of Bonn did not bequeath PhDs to women. Courageously Derick continued her research in spite of many barriers resulting from her female status.

Ultimately she triumphed and received the honor of being the first woman to receive full professorship at a Canadian University.

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