AUSU This Month – AUSU Helps Tsunami Victims

AUSU Donates $350 to Aid Victims of the Tsunami

The AUSU student council would like to send their condolences and best wishes to all victims and the families of victims of the recent Asian Tsunami Disaster, and specifically to any of our students residing in the area who may have suffered loss. To contribute to the massive relief effort underway to help the victims of the Tsunami, AUSU has donated $350 to the Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund on behalf of the students of AU. There will also be links on the AUSU web page to organizations that are accepting donations from any individual who would like to make a private donation.

AUSU currently has members in 75 countries around the world, representing every continent except Antarctica. Currently, just over 500 reside outside North America.

AUSU Website Usage and Satisfaction Survey Now Online

AUSU is in the process of evaluating the current AUSU website. As a result of this evaluation, students may expect to see major changes to our current site in the near future. The AUSU Website Usage and Satisfaction Survey, accessible at , is your chance to be a part of our website development process. By filling out the brief form you can tell us whether you love our current website the way it is or if you can’t stand it and think it needs a major overhaul.

Don’t miss out on the chance to make your opinion count.

Let AUSU Advocate on Your Behalf

If you think that you have been treated unfairly by AU, you can ask AUSU to advocate on your behalf. At the very least, AUSU may be able to help you understand your options or direct you to someone who can. AUSU is often able to advocate directly for you through lobbying or by taking other creative measures. If you have a concern, a question or even a suggestion, we want you to send it to us at To learn more about how AUSU will advocate on your behalf and to read about past advocacy initiatives visit the following links: .