Tuition! – Response to Editorial, Jan 26, 2005

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Response to Editorial. January 26, 2005 (v13 i4)

I am a distance learning student with a learning disability. I was married in 2003 and up to that point I received financial aid. I have three children at home and one is handicapped (I don’t receive much for this child).

I am wondering how I am going to pay tuition to complete my bachelor’s degree. It was difficult to pay tuition as for every year, tuition is still on the rise.

The government says you need the education in order to get a job that will sort of pay enough to support yourself. But on the other hand tuition continues to rise. The government appears to be able to donate monies to help everyone outside our country but it cannot help our country, Canada.

Also, many students who do not physically attend the university do not have the experience to get a job with their degree. I know Athabasca helps students to be placed but what is the school going to do for me, as I do not live in Alberta, I live in Ontario. What about this portion of students, is the school or government going to aid us in finding a job when we graduate? I find it very hard to believe that they will, as it appears to me, the schools and the government only want our money.

I hope to graduate by the end of 2006 but if I cannot afford the tuition then I will not be able to graduate. Who is going to help me. No one. There should be some type of help, rather than pushing aside this group of people outside the door and ignoring us.

Marion Young
Brantford, Ontario